​While visiting Barcelona, we can’t stop admiring the façades, which dazzle us with their beauty. Whether in Eixample, with its wrought iron balconies, picture windows and Romanesque reliefs. The buildings of the Modernist movement, imbued in fantasy. Or those in the Gothic quarter. But, what's behind these façades? We’re going to show you 5 courtyards that you may have walked by without knowing the fun, relaxing spaces they conceal. We’re already thinking of booking our tickets on Renfe-SNCF en Coopération, which will take us directly to Barcelona, where we can explore its secret courtyards.

One of the newest ones: Courtyard of the old Niza Theatre

Once home to the Niza theatre, one of Barcelona’s largest halls, it is now the site of a new courtyard. Its entrance is easy to spot, right next to the Sagrada Familia. If you’re visiting the Basilica, here’s your chance to go inside and take a break from your visit to the city.

With remnants from the Industrial Age: Montserrat Roig Gardens

If you’re passionate about industrial buildings, the old DAMM brewery is a jewel. Its majestic façade is well preserved. After taking a few pictures, just across the way, on Rosselló Street, is a walkway that takes us inside a building block that houses the Gardens of Montserrat Roig. They’re not large, but there is a play area for kids. This space once belonged to the DAMM factory and is now open every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

For the entire family: Joana Tomàs Gardens

In the Clot neighbourhood, what we find is not so much a courtyard as a large park for kids to play and run around in as they enjoy this setting. We’re talking about the Joana Tomàs Gardens, accessible from Mallorca Street and València Street. You may run into a birthday celebration, given the prime, tranquil and safe setting.

It’s a beach in the summer: Torre de les Aigües Courtyard

Who would’ve thought that Eixample is home to a beach that’s open in the summer months? A space that beckons you to relax as you enjoy the pleasant sensation of the cool water on hot days. With the arrival of autumn and winter, it turns into a quiet spot for all to enjoy.

Pati Llimona Civic Centre

Just a 3-minute stroll from Plaça Sant Jaume, we walk along Ciutat Street and turn left on Regomir Street. Here is the Pati Llimona Civic Centre, where the public can take part in workshops, admire exhibits or join conferences. Its courtyard is bound by the restrained and elegant façade of the building, and a majestic ficus rewards visitors with its shade. A hideaway in the heart of the Gothic quarter. It also holds a well-kept secret, the Roman ruins of a building, hot springs included! A sign of the Romans’ passage through the city of Barcino.

You weren’t expecting to find a haven of peace in such a crowded part of the city, were you? We’ve been in the Clot neighbourhood, the historic centre of factories and workshops, which preserves its popular, working-class feel. We walked along the elegant, central neighbourhood of Eixample. And finished in the Gothic quarter of the city of Barcelona. 

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