​It’s impossible to go to Barcelona without planing to share tapas with the whole family or with friends. Among the tapas you absolutely have to taste: the bomba, a breaded bowl of meat and mashed potatoes served with aioli and brava sauce. Don’t wait more to taste the authentic bombas of Barcelona, let’s book now your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation tickets and go to Spain!

La Bombeta ​

It seems that the Bomba was born in the Barceloneta neighbourhood, a former fishermen’s neighbourhood which kept its small village aspect, so let’s us lead you there to taste the Bombeta’s bombas, Calle de la Maquinista, 3! The proprietary, María Jesús, keeps secretly the recipe for more than 40 years, when the former proprietaries gave it to her. The atmosphere is convivial and waiters very kind. Above the bar, you can read that the staff does not speak english but that the bombas are incredible. The proprietaries precise too that there is no wi fi and invite the clients to speak together, a real invitation to disconnect

La Cova fumada 

In the Barceloneta, let’s go to the Cova Fumada too, located in Carrer del Baluart, 56, to savour there the bombas of Josep María Solé, whose grand-mother would be who invented the famous tapa. The taste of the tapa and the very well kept secret recipe created a real legend around this tapa . All that we know about it is that it’s totally home made, and to know something more, you will have to taste it!! 

La barraca 


La Barraca and one of its famous “Bombas” - Photos from faceboook

As famous for the paellas as for the tapas served there, the barraca, Passeig Marítim Barceloneta, 1, purposes bombas made with beef and pork meat, with tomato sauce, onion and breadcrumbs. The bomba is served with soft brava sauce and aioli. Many people from Barcelona really enjoy this place and the atmosphere is really good-natured and the staff very friendly. 

Bodega Balmes 

The Bodega Balmes - Photos from facebook

To taste excellent bombas in another neighborhood than the Barceloneta, you can go to the Bodega Balmes, Carrer de Balmes, 363​. This former Bodega of San Gervasi is now managed by three brothers who mix modern and classic cooking. All the plates are served in the middle of a singular decoration. 

El Nou Ramonet 

El Nou Ramonet - Photo from facebook

To taste a different bomba, in a marine decoration, let’s go to Carrer de Carbonell, 5, in Jordi Herrera’s restaurant. This chef, who always want to innovate proposes a bomba of the XXIst century, made with beef meat and coated with panko breadcrumbs, a light japanese breadcrumb, served covered so the spectacle is entire on the table. The bomba is prepared to be eaten with a spoon in the Nou Ramonet. A culinary experience you have to make if you like innovation and being surprised!

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