Did you know that the Casa Batlló is an allegory of the legend of St. George, known in Spain as Sant JordiThe work of the Catalan architect Antonio Gaudí is very popular among tourists all over the world, but only a few of them know that it illustrates also a very beautiful story... 

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The Casa Batlló is situated in the District of Discòrdia. The name of this district refers to the Greek mythology, but also to the rivalry between the modernist architects and their wealthy clients who were willing to do anything to own the most beautiful house in the district. 

Here, you can find at only a few metres of distance, the Casa of Lleó Morera, a building designed by Domènech i Mountaner, the Casa Amatller, designed by Puig i Cadafalch, and the Casa Batlló, a building that Gaudí designed for the important textile manufacturer Josep Batlló.

Pictures of the Casa Batlló

Gaudí promised his client that the house would become legendary and indeed, even the façade is extraordinary. 

From outside, you can see the glossy and colourful tiles on the roof looking like the dragon's scales

When you are entering into the house, you will feel that you are inside the body of the dragon and you can admire the central staircase with the vertebrae of its tail. Then, you can pass through the galleries of its rib cage, which was perforated by the knight's sword that appears on the front of the house, symbolized by a cross. Remember that Sant Jordi fought and defeated the dragon in order to save the princess Cleodolinda... 

The legend says that, a long time ago, a dragon terrorized the inhabitants of Montblanc, a town in Catalonia, and, after swallowing most of the animals, the dragon also threatened the population. To avoid its attacks, a daily drawn was organized and one person among the inhabitants, including the royal family, was sacrificed to the dragon. One day the King's daughter was chosen... Hearing the horrifying news, Sant Jordi travelled through seas and oceans to rescue the princess. 

Pictures of the Casa Batlló

The balcony at the top of the façade is different than the others, as it is shaped like a flower and symbolizes the place where Cleodolinda saw her saviour arriving. On the other balconies and columns, there are representations of the remains of the dragon's victims, who were not as fortunate as the princess. 

When the dragon was about to devour the princess, the knight appeared and killed him with his sword. At the place where the dragon's blood flowed, a rosebush of red roses grew. Since then, the Catalan tradition of Sant Jordi is celebrated and men offer a red rose to their loved one on the Sant Jordi's day and the façade of the Casa Batlló is decorated with red roses during that day, reminding everyone of this legend. 

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