​​​​Barcelona attracts each year thousands of tourists, especially during the summer, but the perfect time that allows you to know the Catalan capital from a different perspective is without any doubt during Christmas. Don’t wait longer and book your ticket with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, so you have the possibility to spend unforgettable and magical moments with your family in Barcelona. 

A magic city

Barcelona is always a charming city but during Christmas holidays, the city is even more special. You can walk through the illuminated streets with your family and admire the shop windows of small boutiques and shopping centres, which will immerse you in the magical Christmas atmosphere.  


The atmosphere of the Christmas markets 

The fira de Santa Llucia in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona 

During Christmas time, Barcelona is filled with Christmas markets that provide a festive atmosphere. If you want to visit the most important of them, you should go to the popular Santa Llúcia market in front of the Cathedral. If you wish to enjoy a quieter atmosphere, leave the city and discover the surrounding villages that are accessible by train. 

Discover traditions  

The Caganer​

You cannot live a Christmas in Barcelona without discovering one of its most surprising and amusing characters: the Caganer. He is a figurine that is usually hidden behind a bush or in a corner of the nativity scenes. The most surprising about this character with a red cap is that he is always shown squatting, with the pants on his ankles…defecating! The reason for his presence at the nativity scenes is not very clear but it could be a symbol for richness. As we explained you, even if he usually is hidden, some shopping malls show him! It is impossible to ignore him and you will smile for sure. 

The Tío Nadal  

The Caganer is not the only uncommon character… you can also find the Tío Nadal. It is actually a log with two small wooden legs, a face at the end and with a small blanket on the head. From the day of the Immaculate Conception, on 8th December, children give Tío Nadal every night something to eat... but on the Christmas day, the children beat him with sticks and order him to “cagar”, that means, to poop… The Tío Nadal offers small symbolic gifts that are shared with everyone, often sweets. 

Plaza Catalunya during the Christmas holidays 

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