​The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is one of the most visited in the city, as it is full of alleys, facades and hidden corners full of quaintness. We invite you today to discover its patios with irresistible charm. Comfortably seated in a Renfe-SNCF Cooperation​ armchair, plan your stay by reserving time to immerse yourself in the history of the city by discovering its patios.

The patio of Santa Eulalia Cathedral

 Without a doubt the most famous and one of the most beautiful in the city

This cloister that can be seen during the visit to Barcelona Cathedral is Gothic in style and is located on the site occupied by a Romanesque cloister. Its construction spanned from the 14th to the 15th century and was followed by great architects like Andreu Escuder and sculptors such as Claperós, father and son. When you walk through the three galleries, you will find chapels that were originally dedicated to the patron of an institution and a guild. In the center of the cloister is a garden that was renovated in 1877 and whose magnolias and large palm trees which replaced the orange trees allow it to stay even cooler but also give it a special charm.

The Patio of the Old Convent of Sant Agustí

​If there is an irresistible place to take a break during a day of sightseeing in the Catalan capital, it is the Old Convent of Sant Agustí. The place is drenched in history. It´s true, the convent was very damaged during the siege of 1714 (last battle of the War of Spanish Succession) and even desmolished to build a military barracks there. They even built a bread oven there. It is for this reason that today only one wing of the cloister remains, integrated into the building constructed later as well as the west wing of the monastery dating from the 15th century, to testify to the existence of the Old Convent. Nowadays, it’s the perfect place to have a drink, rest and do a spot of people watching.

The patio of the Palais de Lloctinent

​The patio of the Palais de Lloctinent is delightful. In order to take advantage, go to this former residence which was used by the viceroys of Catalonia after the establishment of Spanish unity. The three facades are stripped and the late Gothic style mixes with Renaissance elements. You can walk around the patio, but also admire it from its staircase or the Tuscan gallery which overlooks it.

The patio of the Santa Ana church

  A quiet place where you can admire the architectural beauty of the place - images from Wikipedia

One of the highlights of the visit to the Church of Santa Ana is undoubtedly and especially in the spring, its patio. Indeed, this place whose construction dates back to the 15th century has incredible charm. During your walk around the patio, you can admire the arcades whose marquees are decorated with floral motifs, so simple but purely elegant.

The patio of the Frederic Mares museum or Vergel del Palacio Real Mayor de los Condes

This is a quaint patio, surrounded by porches, particularly appreciable when the heat becomes​ unbearable in the rest of the city. The patio has many orange trees whose fragrance transports you to another place when they are in bloom. In the center there is a fountain where the traditional festival of Ou com balla is celebrated. From March to November, the summer cafe opens its doors; the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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