Literature lends great importance and interest to Barcelona and that’s the reason why we propose you a few readings   and the bookmark could be your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation ticket to the catalan capital. We get on with your travel, you just have to choose a novel...

Cathedral of the sea, Ildefonso Falcones ​

This historical novel about the way of live in Barcelona during the XIVth century, so during one of the greatest periods of the Aragonese Crown, relates how lived the inhabitants in the Ribera neighbourhood during the construction of the Santa María del Mar Cathedral. Take advantage of your travel to Barcelona to plunge into its story, marked by timeless feelings like love, but war too, the plague, the consequences of the religious intolerance, the material ambition, the social segregation… So you will enjoy even more its modernity! 

The shadows of the wind – The Angel’s game – The Prisoner of Heaven – The Labyrinths of Spirits – Carlos Ruiz Zafón. 

The gothic quarter in Barcelona

If you like adventure and mystery, you have to dive into The Cemetery of Forgotten Books serie. You can begin and/or finish your reading before or after your visit, you will feel familiarity with many places of the different neighbourhoods that you will (re) discover. The first book makes you travel until the post civil war Barcelona, marked by the Republicans defeat, a still present hate, and difficult life conditions of the inhabitants. The narrator, Daniel Sempere, is a boy whose grandfather  takes one day to the Gothic neighbourhood to discover there a mysterious place: the cemetery of forgotten books… The novel he chooses will take him – and you too – to an incredible adventure through Barcelona. The second book proposes a slash back to the Barcelona of the 20’s. New mysteries and more suspense … with the third book, let’s discover the Montjuic prison in the different way,  from inside with the number 13 prisoner, Fermin… Travel finally to the 50’s and follow Daniel Sempere, became an adult to unravel with him the mysteries of his life… Many guides propose tours to follow the follow the steps of Daniel, his friends and his ghosts… 

The City of the Marvels, Eduardo Mendoza

Place of the Cathedral of Barcelone

Let’s follow the progression of Onofre Bouvila, who came from the Pyrenees to Barcelona when he was 13 years old, penniless, in 1888, year of the Universal Exposition, where he will find his first job, and who will become one of the most important fortunes of Barcelona in 1929, year of the second Universal Exposition. It’s not a historical novel but the history of the young man permits you to discover the nooks of the city in a different way, through an entire generation eyes, whose collective memory inspired the author as he proposes in his prologue. ​

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