Barcelona is so beautiful that we always want to come back in order to get to know it even better. Whether you've already visited here or not, reading this article invites you to think outside the box. 

In fact, we’re presenting you several places that don’t appear in the tourist guides and which will allow you to discover this city in all its authenticity. 

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Santa María del Pi

An excellent view from the outside and the inside

This is a small church which, at first glance, may not look like much however we invite you to go inside and especially to climb its tower in order to enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona.

El mirador del Turó de la Rovira

From this place you can see the whole city of Barcelona

To admire the city from another point of view, head over to the Turó de la Rovira viewpoint  whose bunkers were built to defend the city during the Spanish Civil War. A beautiful view as well as peace and quiet are guaranteed.

La Torre Baró 

Located in the north-eastern outskirts of the city, the Baró tower overlooks the hill and the Torre Baró district. From here, you will also enjoy a view of the city however equally of the Besós River.

Els jardins de Tamarita

A tranquility corner in the middle of the city

Barcelona has several beautiful parks, however the gardens of Tamarita are the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment in an area conducive for sharing.

Els jardins de Laribal

A journey through time

Most tour guides recommend visiting Montjuic Castle, however only very few actually make discover the Laribal gardens, which have been in Barcelona since 1929 for the Universal Exhibition. It is particularly pleasant to lose oneself amongst the alleys and to enjoy the calm surroundings.

The Poblenou district cemetery​

“Le baiser de la mort” La statue la plus célèbre du cimetière

This piece of advice may seem strange at first sight, however we recommend visiting the Poblenou district cemetery and its numerous sculptures of different styles, which is the oldest one in Barcelona. The kiss of the death will not leave you feeling indifferent. There is also the El Santet tomb, a former neighbourhood resident that certain citizens still pray to, asking him to perform miracles.

La biblioteca Arús​

This beautifully decorated 1895 library houses one of Barcelona's best-kept secrets: a Statue of Liberty!

The anti-aircraft shelters​

Barcelona was one of the first Spanish cities whose civilian population was a bombing target during the Spanish Civil War. Today, it is possible to visit the anti-aircraft shelters built at that time in order to protect the inhabitants of the city. 

The Basilica dels Sants Màrtirs Just i Pastor​

This basilica is almost unknown to tourists and even to most locals. Yet, its Gothic style hides foundations dating from Roman and Visigothic times. During your visit, go up to the bell tower; a surprise awaits you!

La plaça Sant Pere 

Located in Born, this charming little place is the perfect opportunity to take a quiet break, a few meters from the crowded shopping streets of the district.

After walking the streets in Barcelona in order to discover its many secrets, the best way to get home is to sit comfortably in a Renfe-SNCF in cooperation seat, to let yourself be guided home while enjoying the beautiful scenery that unfolds before your eyes.

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