Barcelona’s markets are still a good way to enjoy the Catalan capital. If you cannot resist the charm of a walk in the market and/or you prefer to avoid the malls and enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of the Spanish markets, you will be delighted to learn that the market of Sant Antoni is open again, after a long period of restoration works. 

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When to go?

The Sant Antoni market is one of the largest markets in the city, and it is the only one to open its doors to the public during the whole week.

From Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 8 pm, you can find all the food you need to delight your family or your guests, but you can also find everything you need - clothes, accessories, utensils... - on Monday and from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am to 8.30 pm since the Encants section opens its doors. Finally, Sunday is the day devoted to the sale and purchase of books.

A place brimming with history

Even after its complete restoration, the markets has kept its original structure
from the end of the 19th century

Sant Antoni market was originally an open-air market located at the entrance of the city protected by the walls, at the Portal de Sant Antoni. When the city was enlarged, and the walls were destroyed, the town planner Ildefons Cerdà proposed the construction of a solid structure in order to ensure the sustainability of the place since it is essential for the supply of the inhabitants. The project, designed by architect Antoni Rovira i Trias, began in 1879 and ended in 1882. Other textile traders took advantage of the influx of customers who sought to settle down around it. Thus, the Encants were born. In 2007, a major renovation project was undertaken following the discovery of archaeological remains. The reopening of the market was put off repeatedly, but residents and merchants were glad to finally be able to witness the recent inauguration of the renovated Sant Antoni market. 

Nowadays, the Sunday market is the perfect occasion to find old books, stamps, postcards... But you can also find video games, movies and other articles for sale.

The big novelties

Old books, collectibles, trinkets ... You can find almost anything

- More space! While there are fewer signs, customers can move more easily since the aisles are more spacious.

- Shelters for the Sunday market. The Sunday market, clearly separated from the food sections and Encants, traded the old tents for much modern retractable marquees!

- A big subterranean space. A large space has been created, not only for the storage of food and products, but also to allow customers to park their vehicles.

- A space dedicated to sports! It is the only market in the city to offer a sports center.

- An open-air museum. The structure, true witness of the past of the city, allows its visitors to immerse themselves in its history.

- A meeting place! This space is dedic​ated to locals and disposes of a community kitchen.

- In addition, the quarter evolves with its market because priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists: one more reason to go and hang out!

On your way back home, as you are comfortably sitting aboard a Renfe SNCF in Cooperation High Speed Train, your luggage loaded with all the products and objects you bring back from Sant Antoni market, you’ll have nothing else to think about except how you will showcase your findings at home!

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