The relationship between Barcelona and the cinema has always been blooming. Not only because of the movies set in the Catalan capital, but also because of the numerous movie theaters that are in the city. However, many of them have been closed in the lasted few years, some of them have opened again after a few months, transformed into places for the “true lovers” of the cinema. Neighbourhood theaters or theaters specialized in one particular genre, which have been able to avoid the crisis of the sector and have survived thanks to their specialization and to the client care they provide. If you are a cinema fanatic, Barcelona is your city. Take now your ticket with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation.

Phenomena Experience

Phenomena’s theater hall and outside

Nacho Cerdà’s dream, a director from Barcelona, began with a one-time cinematographic event (it was celebrated since 2010 on a periodic and nomadic basis in a few theaters in Barcelona, like the disappeared Urgell, the Girona or the Comedia), finalized at the end of 2014 with the building of its own theater, in the place where the Nápoles theater, which had been closed for many years, was. There, the Phenomena team has been recovering classics of the history of cinema, especially classics of the 70 and 80, but has also decided to offer first releases like no other one does: in original version (and when possible with an analogue format), always taking care of any detail, to improve the spectator experience. From the moment you get in, you travel back to the theaters of the 50 and 60, and to a time when going to the movies was all an experience. Its amazing screen and its sound system are among the best in the city. Moreover, they organize themed cycles of Asian or horror movies and events with guests like Santiago Segura, Alejandro Amenábar o Jan Harlan, Stanley Kubrick’s producer, who reveal some secrets about their movies before showing them.

Cines Texas

The Texas theater

Located in Gracia neighbourhood, the Texas theater got back its old name in 2014, after the closing of the Lauren Gracia a few months before, owned by the distributor Lauren films, which little by little closed its theaters until it disappeared in 2015. Thanks to Ventura Pons, another Catalan director of cinema, very rooted to the city and the neighbourhood, the theater got back its old neighbourhood spirit and offers again re-release movies at very good prices (from 2 Euros), as well as independent and national movies.
The local audience responded so well to this effort that the Texas has been declared the best theater in Spain, according to the Cinemes organization.

Cinema Maldá

Outside and inside the Maldà Theater. Photos from his Facebook Page

Founded in 1945 and surrounded by art galleries and old chocolate factories of the Gothic Neighbourhood, the Maldá theater has been offering its devoted customers many benefits, like annual pass, special projections for school or the possibility to watch as many movies as you want in one day for the price of one ticket (from 4,50 Euros). Its billboard, which gets back movies that are out of the commercial circuit and that combines themed marathons with classic movies, together with the affection of the team which has managed the theater for many years, has managed to keep alive one of the most charming theaters in Barcelona, which is moreover the oldest one of the city with only one theater.

Cinemes Girona

The Girona theater. Photos from his Facebook Page.

In 2013, when the Girona theaters, located in the street with the same name, offered an annual pass to its spectators, many thought they were crazy. The aim of this measure was to digitalize one of its theaters and to avoid the extinction of the place, which at that time saw how difficult it was to project movies due to the extinction of the celluloid and of the movies shot in this format. The time sided with them and, from then, this measure that allows us to watch all the offered movies by the theaters for 50 Euros is proposed once a year.
Moreover, they have been able to offer varied material, like projections of series, and they are the headquarters of cinematographic festivals, very rooted in the city, like the Americana Film Fest.

Now that you know where to go in Barcelona, hurry up and book your ticket. Don’t forget the popcorn and a drink before entering the theater. And while we are taking you there, you can decide which movie will be the next one you are going to watch, and tell us about it when you go back home. Barcelona is waiting for you!

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