​​​​​Recently, Barcelona has become the epicenter of some of the best music festivals in Spain and Europe. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere makes it a perfect city to host prestigious festivals like​ Primavera Sound. The major ones enjoy good reputation and each year attract thousands of visitors from all over the planet. Go ahead and come to Barcelona with the high-speed trains Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation to enjoy these musical events, which are global benchmarks for electronic music, indie, jazz and rock. Do you want to experience them?  ​

In Barcelona, t​here are festivals to suit all tastes and almost during all months of the year. However, with the arrival of spring and good weather the offer multiplies. Parks get full of people and become perfect settings to host the best artists and DJ’s of the continent.​ Some have a good reputation and a large turnout and others, more modest, also deserve their space and struggle to make a place for themselves within the variety offered by the city. 
For this reason, we want to make a list of all those festivals that count with the presence of the best musicians and artists of the moment and you cannot miss no matter what. Take note! 

Concert  -

if you are an electronic music lover, you have a summer appointment in the hill of Montjuïc in Barcelona:
the Brunch Electronik and the Piknic Electronik. The Brunch Electronik opens its doors every Sunday from March to June, and then starts the Pik​​​nic Electronik. ​​

Another event to add at your agenda held at the end of May and the beginning of June is the Primavera Sound. It takes place in a privileged setting of Barcelona, the Parc del Fórum. It is a festival that mixes pop music, rock and underground trends, which brings together different generations and has truly expanded since its first edition in 2001. Its stages have welcomed as renowned artists as Pet Shop Boys, Patti Smith, Franz Ferdinand or Arcade Fire, among others.

The Festival Cruïlla is held in July. It mixes different music styles such as Ska, pop, hip-hop, reggae, folk and flamenco. It also takes place at the Parc del Fórum, and it offers the chance to enjoy admired artists such as Crystal Fighters, Lauryn Hill or Damien Rice while feeling the sea breeze.

Scene - Primavera Sound, Forum Park

In September you have an appointment with the Barcelona Acció Musical (BAM), which in recent years has become a reference festival of dance music, rock, pop and electronic music in Catalonia. Its advantage? It coincides with La Mercè, the annual festival (Festa Major) of Barcelona, and it offers free concerts by the sea in different settings of the city.

Another event worth attending is the Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona. At the end of September, the Catalan capital gathers the best exponents of this music style and the emerging artists, getting a really attracting programming. It offers free concerts, master classes, meetings with the best musicians and conferences. 

These are just some of the proposals you should note in your agenda. However, the list is long, and we could also mention the Ornitofest, the Bis Festival, the Guitar Festival Bcn, the Tibidabo Live Festival or the Xtrarradio Festival, just to name a few. In summer you cannot miss the outdoor music sessions on the roof of La Pedrera and the gardens of the Torre Bellesguard, two emblematic buildings of the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí.

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