​​​Spend a great and different New Year’s Eve in Barcelona! Barcelona is a highly requested New Year’s Eve destination because this city is the perfect mixture of beach and mountain, of old and new architecture, of culture and fun. Now with Renfe-SNCF en Coopération you can find yourself celebrating New Year’s Eve in Barcelona in just a few hours! If you are still hesitating, we are going to show you the best activities and places to be on this special night in Barcelona.

New Year’s Eve traditions in Barcelona


New Year's Eve dinner

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona is traditionally celebrated with a dinner with friends or family and partying in clubs and on the streets after midnight. If you are going to spend this special night in Barcelona with a group of friends, don’t forget to book a table in a good restaurant. Barcelona is famous for its gastronomy and its Michelin awarded chefs and restaurants. Pablo Picasso used to hang out in a restaurant called “Els Quatre Gats”, you may like that one too.

Pieces of red underwear

If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in Barcelona you should know that Spaniards and Catalonians have some weird New Year’s Eve traditions. The most popular are wearing a piece of red underwear, putting something golden in the cava glass you drink of, and eating twelve grapes at midnight, one with each chime of the bells. When you finish chewing your grapes, remember to greet everyone with a “Feliç any nou!”.

The Noses Man Race


The Noses Man Race

There is a Catalonian legend about a man that has as many noses as days has the year, and he happens to go for a walk on New Year’s Eve. On this day, parents encourage their children to go and look for the Noses Man, as he is going to have 365 noses today and only one tomorrow. Of course, this is only a legend, but in New Year’s Eve people in Barcelona celebrate The Noses Man Race, a half marathon with charity purposes. There is also a man dressed like the Noses Man walking around the city entertaining children and grown-ups alike.

New Year’s Eve Parties

Magical fountain of Montjuic

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona can be celebrated at many different spots and parties, but here we are going to list the most important and crowded so you can easily find the best plan for you. The “official” New Year’s Eve party is celebrated at the Magical Fountain of Montjuïc. It includes live music from 22:30 to the small hours and a spectacle of light, colour, water and fireworks at the fountain at midnight. 

Other popular places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Barcelona include the Sala Razzmatazz and the Poble Espanyol New Year’s Eve Party. At these locations you can pay and entrance of around 40€ and get to celebrate the New Year’s Eve like a local, eating the twelve grapes and celebrating with drinks, great music and even better atmosphere.

The First Swim of the Year


First swim of the year in the Mediterranean Sea

New Year’s Eve in Barcelona is celebrated in a rather unusual way with the First Swim of the Year, organized by the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta the morning of January 1st. A great number of people participate in this event by taking a swim in the Mediterranean Sea, usually dressed as Santa Claus. This is a perfect plan if you are a beach-goer or if you don’t want to go home just because the sun has come out. Take advantage of the warm climate and have a swim with the new year!

Spending New Year’s Eve in Barcelona is a very special experience. The locals are warm like the climate in this city and you will be able to enjoy yourself eating, partying, and sightseeing. The Christmas markets in Barcelona should be still open by this time of the year, if you want to do some shopping. Have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Barcelona with Renfe-SNCF en Coopération and this marvellous city.

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