​​If you want to know a city differently than you are used to, do not think about it anymore. Night visits to Barcelona, are the key to see a beautiful Mediterranean city under. The weather is quite good and the illumination of its most emblematic buildings makes this possible. The recommended time to carry out this type of visit is in summer or spring, although if you are lucky you can also do it in winter or autumn. 

Due to the fact that the city is located in front of the sea makes its climate more temperate and has a greater number of clear days per year. Also, the atmosphere of its streets and avenues creates a situation much more special and unique. 

Night visit to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona​

The Gothic Quarter by night of Barcelona

The gothic quarter of Barcelona is a idyllic place to visit in the evenings. It is the oldest district of the city, having an origin that dates back to Roman times. As its name suggests, the best thing to appreciate about this place is the Gothic architecture of the city. 

As a representative monument of the place we have to talk about the Barcelona Cathedral which is the axis of this neighborhood. The cathedral dates back to the 13th century, although the current appearance has been modified due to the Great Restoration that took place at the beginning of the 20th century. That has allowed the Barcelona Cathedral to be preserved and to remain an exemplary monument. The proper name it receives is the Santa Cruz Cathedral. Another place that is perfect to admire during an overnight visit to Barcelona in the same district is Santa Eulalia.
Apart from those great places, other monuments are also worth to enjoy. Some examples are the Plaza of San Jaime, where the Palace of the Generalitat is located. They are also worth of mention the Plaza Real and the Plaza del Rey, where the Barcelona's History Museum is located. Other outstanding monuments are the Judería, Casa Martí which remains of the Augustus temple, the church of San Felipe Neri and the Episcopal Palace of Barcelona. In this neighborhood you can find also the well-known Picasso Museum of Barcelona, located in the Berenguer de Aguilar Palace and the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona in the Pignatelli Palace.

In order to visit this neighborhood at night, it is advisable to do it with some guide and in a group, so that you can enjoy the explanation of the history that each great monument has. Also it will allow to learn about the nocturnal legends of this historical place, which will help to put you in situation and to know and understand better the reason of each thing. This neighborhood is very well communicated from other parts of the city via the 1,2,3 and 4 metro lines. 

View of the main monuments under the night illumination 

The main monuments under the night illumination

Another way to discover Barcelona during the night is through the great monuments and the most emblematic ones. The Barcelona of the bourgeois expansion and Gaudí. The nocturnal visit of these monuments is possible since many of these places are illuminated and a special magic is lurked on them during the magical summer nights.

First, we will talk about the most mythical, well-known and international monument of the city, La Sagrada Familia. This wonderful monument is one of the main places to visit in this city. Its legend and its author speak for themselves, being able to appreciate from any view the city due to its height and its splendor. This is not the only work of Antonio Gaudí of Barcelona, there are also other emblematic places such as Casa Bathló, Casa Mila or La Pedrera. In fact, there is a route called the "Gaudí route" which allows seeing all these monuments along with other highlights of the author such as Park Guell or Palau Guell, as well as Casa Calvet, Casa Vincens or Torre Bellesguard, which will seem/look- magical during an overnight visit to Barcelona.  

Apart from that, there are also the great avenues of this city such as the Passeig de Gracia, which is one of the neuralgic centers of the city, a place where there are always people and atmosphere and where some of the main businesses, hotels and restaurants in the city. Also the Diagonal avenue and the Gran Via of the Catalan courts, are some of the main routes of this city.

The gastronomy through the nocturnal visits of Barcelona  

View of the Parc Güell by night in Barcelona

Another way to discover the city, is undoubtedly through gastronomy offer and what better time to enjoy it than at nights when the restaurants, bars and terraces of Barcelona are in full swing. The food, in addition, represents a very important part of the culture and in this city you can find some of the best restaurants of Spain. 

The variety and quality prevail along the gastronomic route offered by Barcelona. Its main attraction is the Mediterranean route that Barcelona has and for which it is famous. In addition, the city has a large number of restaurants that stand out for their Michelin stars, which gives them a great prestige not only national but also international and what a better way to appreciate it than during a night visit to the city. 

Without a doubt this will be a great experience that we recommend you. This visit will allow you to get to know the city in a different and unique way. If you want to know more experiences of this type, visit the Renfe-SNCF en Coopération experiences blog, which can help you to discover plans, ideas and places that are a key point in any trip or journey that we make.

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