​​​​​​Staying in Barcelona is always beautiful. Independently of the season, the Catalan capital offers its visitors many activities, allowing everyone to find their enjoyment. With the end of winter and the coming of spring, we propose you to take advantage of the beaches of Barcelona with fantastic maritime walks. Nothing better than to spend a nice time surrounded by a magnificent scenery. 

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From the Garraf Beach to Sitges

Pictures of the sea promenade of Sitges 

This walk of about four and a half hours does not present a great difficulty and offers you a wide variety of landscapes. It is very well marked, since it is part of the GR92. You will start your route in the village of Garraf, in the Castellot street and continue your walk with an ascent to Can Lluça, a charming farmhouse. Then, you will go down to a cement factory before going up to the Trinitat hermitage. The effort will be rewarded by beautiful views of the coast. If there are any clouds, you can even see the ports of Tortosa and Beseit. Then, a stone path will take you to Sitges, where you can finally take off your shoes and enjoy the sand under your feet! ​​

Going from Sitges to Crique del Home mort​

You ca​n start this walk in Sitges or to continuate the walk we started in Garraf. You just have to follow the GR 92. This route is quite simple, lasts about an hour and offers beautiful landscapes. Leave Sitges heading south and join the GR on the coast. You will walk close to the railway tracks and bypass a golf course. One hour after leaving Sitges you will find Crique del Home Mort is in front of you, separated from Roses by a small cliff. If you feel like it, take off your clothes before going swimming, as this beach is nudist. 

Drive to Montgat from Barcelona

Pictures of the sea promenade of Sitges

You will start the walk at the beach of Barcelona, heading north. You will pass through the Fòrum, then you will arrive to the Besòs river, leaving behind the famous Sant Adrià chimneys and arrive to Badalona. If you need to take a break, take it close to the famous Anís del Mono (monkey​'s anisette) factory. Follow the avenue Eduard Maristany, passing very close to the water sports clubs and finally enter the Maresme territory. You've arrived to Montgat! After these two and a half hours of walk, take off your shoes and feel the sand in your feet, you have well deserved it! ​

The Llobregat Delta​

The Llobregat Delta is a great place to observe the numerous bird species that fly over it. We recommend you to follow the Remolar-Filipines trail, which lasts about two hours and has no particular difficulty. Start the walk at the Reguera Sabrosa lookout towards the Remolar pond, where you can find an information centre. You can then enter the Filipines marsh. Relieve yourself by observing the sumptuous landscapes, fauna and flora.

To return home, there's nothing like letting yourself be guided and admire the scenery. Relax; you are on board of one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high speed trains. ​​​

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