​​​​Argentinean cuisine is one of the most appreciated in the world. Now you can discover why while enjoying the spectacular city of Barcelona. Travel to the "condal city" with the trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation and discover the best Argentinean restaurants without having to cross the pond. Matambres, milanesas, roasts and the best grilled meat await you in Barcelona, all with the comfort and speed of traveling by train to the very center of Barcelona.

Patagonia Beef & Wine

Traditional Argentinean empanadas

If you are looking for Argentinean restaurants in Barcelona you cannot miss Patagonia Beef & Wine. The philosophy of this restaurant is to unite the cozy and elegant atmosphere with the flavors of the best meats and Argentine wines. Located in the Eixample, this restaurant offers you the possibility to try the traditional Argentine empanadas, a great variety of roasts and the most Argentinean of desserts: dulce de leche. Not in vain Patagonia Beef & Wine is the choice of celebrities like Gerard Piqué, Jenson Button or Lluís Llongueras.

Mi Gracia

Mi Gracia is a place that perfectly represents the philosophy and spirit of Argentinean restaurants. Here you come to have fun, enjoy the food and create unforgettable memories with your family, friends or partner. The basis of Mi Gracia is the selection of the best raw materials, both in terms of food and pairing. The hosts of Mi Gracia, Laura and Lalo, say that for them the greatest satisfaction of their daily work is that all the visitors leave the restaurant with a smile. Visit them in the neighborhood of Gracia, after which the restaurant is called.

9 Reinas

You cannot miss the Argentinean beef

If you are looking for a pure and uncomplicated Argentine cuisine, 9 Reinas is the perfect place. It is one of the Argentinean restaurants preferred by FC Barcelona players. Trust their criteria and approach this piece of Argentina in Barcelona. They offer the best imported meats, but also other Argentine specialties, such as pastas. Discover your selection of meats in the world.


The impressive interior of this Argentinean restaurant will be the first thing that will captivate you. But do not stand alone with the sights and sit down to savor the Argentinean meat prepared in the traditional way. Taste the traditional "bife de chorizo", a piece of entrecôte of 200 grams. And if you are looking for something more than roasted meat, at the Arcano you can find lots of pastas and something not all Argentine restaurants offer: sea products. Try the octopus, the cod or the “gambones” that will surely surprise you. You can find the Arcane in the trendy Born district.

El Calafate

Grilled Argentinean beef

At El Calafate they say that their goal is to be the best Argentinean restaurant in Barcelona. To achieve this they have created a varied menu with Argentine specialties, especially from the area of Rio de la Plata. So here you can enjoy milanesas, empanadas, matambre and, of course, the roasted meats. The grill is in sight so that diners not only enjoy the taste, smell and texture of the meat, but also the ancient art of preparing it on the grill in the Argentinean way. You can find El Calafate in the Eixample of Barcelona.


M.i.n.E is the favorite place for foodies who do not want or can not afford the most luxurious Argentinean restaurants. Here you can find Argentinean specialties, but also a great variety of Catalan dishes, both from Spanish and French Catalonia. Reinventing classics and new creations form the basis of this impressive restaurant you can find near Plaza España.
c/Béjar, 66, Sants-Montjuïc, 08014, Barcelona 

What are you waiting for to discover the best Argentinean restaurants in Barcelona? No meat lover will be able to resist these 6 restaurants and their spectacular menus. If you also want to taste Argentina in Barcelona, do not hesitate to travel there with the comfortable and fast trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, which take you to the very center of the city. Find your perfect train and plan your perfect gourmet trip.

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