​When you're traveling, besides visiting new cities and monuments, you have to try and taste each city's gastronomic specialties. The best is to take them back home with you, and Renfe-SNCF in collaboration brings you closer to Paris and Barcelona to carry this out. Here is a selection of the best gourmet shops in these two cities connected by high speed.

Gourmet stores in Barcelona

Oriol Balaguer

Images from Oriol Balaguer’s website

One of the best pastry chefs in the world. His designer shops prescind of the classic counter, and allow us to enjoy his creations as if it were a museum or jewelry. Creative, innovative and cutting edge, all his cakes will surprise you. It´s without a doubt a paradise for sweets lovers. 

Can Ravell

Image of Can Ravell’s Facebook page

Founded in 1929 as a grocery store, nowadays they specialize in sausages and delicatesen, besides being a home cooking restaurant which uses high quality products. We recommend you to enjoy your meal on the run table that is in the back of the store, but call before you go if you do not want to be left out.

Los Italianos

Image from Los italiano’s Facebook Page

Located in the Sant Gervasi district, it's a corner of Italy in the Catalan capital. They have the best sausages, cheeses, sweets, chocolates and above all, they are specialists in fresh pasta and sauce made by themselves.

Casa Pepe

Images from Casa Pepe’s website

It's an institution in the city. This shop is considered by many as the best gourmet shop in Spain, and inside you can find a wine cellar with over 500 references. They are also specialists in Iberian products such as 5 Jotas ham, which is one of the most prestigious hams. All kind of smoked products and cheeses from around the world, make this shop a dream for every good gourmand.

La cuina d'en Garriga

Image from La cuina d’en Garriga’s website

Located in the center of the Eixample district, this shop-restaurant is ideal to take home a basket of products, or if you want to make a gift to a sybarite of gastronomy. They have baskets of many different styles so you can choose which one it's more of your liking ... but be advised that you will have problems because you will want them all.

Gourmet stores in Paris

La grande épicerie

Image from La Grande Epicerie’s website

Located in the Le Bon Marché department store, it's a show for food lovers and even for those who aren´t. You'll find there, all kinds of products, a well kept pantry and a couple of restaurants to try their delicacies.


Images from Fauchon’s website

Surely the most emblematic gastronomic boutique in Paris. In there you can find almost anything: pastries, cheeses, caviar, foie, champagnes ... and even eat right there.

 À la mère de famille

Images from À la Mère de famille’s Facebook Page

Founded in 1761, it´s one of the most prestigious and the oldest chocolatier in Paris. Here you can find chocolates, cookies, macaroons, candied fruit and all kinds of sweets.

La maison Plisson

Image from La Maison Plisson’s website

If you are organic products lover. In the Maison Plisson, you will find all kinds of meat, sausages, breads, cheeses and wines faithful to this process.

Ladurée Royale

Image from Ladurée Royale’s Pacebook Page

Founded in 1862, it´s the most famous brand of Macaron in the world. You'll find all kinds Macaron there and in all flavors. We recommend you to try the prepared baskets, these are a delight.

Food brings people and places together, and so does Renfe-SNCF in collaboration 
between cities of France and Spain. Discover the culinary excellence at any of these connected by high speed destinations.


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