​Museums, monuments and world famous sights are amazing, there’s no denying it. But sometimes what you need on your holiday is to let your hair down, leave your worries at home and take yourself out on a night of fun. Paris and Barcelona are incredible by day, but the entertainment does not end there. Both cities seem to come alive with a whole different kind of electricity as the sun goes down, full of weird and wonderful bars, clubs and spots to cater to every taste. Pack your best going out clothes and hop on a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed train today!


Plaza Real​ // Barcelona

Nigthtlife in Plaça Real, Barcelona

Adored by tourists and locals alike, Plaza Real comes to life as soon as the last rays of sunlight disappear over the horizon. Located in the Gothic Quarter just off Las Rambl​as, Plaza Real is a square with a fountain in the middle and lined with countless bars and clubs of all kinds. Start off your night by simply sitting on the edge of the fountain or standing around it and use the opportunity to mix and mingle with your fellow night owls. Once you’ve made some new friends and are ready to take your night inside, you have an array of clubs such as Jamboree, Karma and Sidecar to choose from, all with in meters of each other. In case none of these are your cup of tea, countless nightlife hotspots fill the streets of the Gothic Quarter – all you have to do is pick a direction and start walking!

Bar Marsella​​ // Barcelona

Opened in 1820, Bar Marsella is rumoured to be the first and oldest bar in Barcelona, and to have housed guests such as Dali, Picasso and Gaudí themselves. This almost 200-year-old bar is simply overflowing with character and atmosphere, and is a must on your visit to Barcelona. You will feel like you have stepped right back in time to the 18th century, and would swear not a thing has been replaced since then – the peeling paint, dusty chandeliers and cracked mirrors only add to its charm. To really get the authentic experience, be sure to order its most famous beverage – the Absinthe. Served with a sugar cube on a fork balanced over the glass and a bottle of water, there is a very specific way to drink it. You first dip the cube in the alcohol, then place it on the fork over the glass and light it on fire, letting the sugar melt into the alcohol. Douse the fire with your bottle of water, and only then do you drink it. It is a very strong drink and made to sip slowly while appreciating the bar’s unique and exquisite atmosphere. You may even recognize the bar from scenes in Woody Allen’s famous movie Vicky Christina Barcelona. 

The beach scene​ // Barcelona

Nightlife in Port Olimpic, Barcelona

If you just can’t get enough of the beach during the day, the Passeig Marítim is the place for you. With several clubs to choose from including Opium, Shoko, Pacha and Catwalk, the venues offer popular, current music to dance until dawn. As well as a pleasant outside terrace, the best part of these clubs is that while their main entrance faces the city, the other side exits literally directly onto Barcelona’s beautiful sandy beach. You can leave the club at any time with a stamp and re-enter as you please, so when you need a break from dancing to your heart’s content or just a breath of fresh air, you can kick off your shoes and take a midnight stroll by the water, or just sit for a while on the sand. While in Barcelona check out the best music festivals!

​Razzmatazz​ // Barcelona

As well as the most popular place for major concerts in Barcelona, Razzmatazz and its 5 different areas are also one of the party people’s favourite clubs. They have all different types of music playing at each of the different areas, making it the ideal club for all different types of music lovers. There is always a long line at this massive club so make sure you get here early on the get in line or call ahead and get a VIP table if you’d like a more high end experience. The crowd that attends this club is typically quite young but depending on the bands playing the age range varies. Check the website to see the event for the specific night you would like to attend beforehand! 


Batofar​ // Paris

Views of nightlife​ in Batofar, Paris

Concert hall and restaurant in the evening that turns club after 11.30pm, Batofar is sure to a night packed with fun and dance. This stunning venue is actually a boat anchored on the banks of the river Seine, making for a unique Parisian experience. With a terrace on the front and two floors inside, it is the perfect place to spend your summer night dancing until dawn, complete with watching the sun rise over the skyline of Paris in the morning. This nightclub offers an incredibly unique experience that every traveller must have! 

Wanderlust // Paris

This club, just as the Batofar above, offers a wonderful experience right on the Seine River. There is a lot of wide-open space, making this the ideal spot to go to during the warm summer nights, enjoying the breeze coming off of the river. There are tons of festivals held here, so be sure to stay up to date with the concerts while you are visiting the wonderful city of Paris. Many locals consider this spot to be along the lines of a “hipster” club with a lot of cool and interesting art, great shows from incredible bands, rappers and artists as well as a nice atmosphere located right next to the river. This is definitely a must-see during your trip to Paris! 

VIP Room // Paris

Nightlife in Paris

This nightclub in Paris is very high end and posh in comparison to other clubs like Wanderlust. Before attending this club it is important to dress up well and up to the dress code standards in order to avoid any issues with getting into the club. This is a large club with a lot of show dancers that create a part atmosphere all around the club. This is the perfect spot for you if you are looking to get all dazzled up in your brand new clothes to enjoy the crazy Parisian nightlife!

Favela Chic // Paris

This Brazilian themed club brings in a very international and fun crowd, dancing the night away to some Latin music. There are some live acts on certain nights, great DJs and of course the wonderful Brazilian drinks and food to match the decoration and music. This is the perfect place to come and enjoy a very international night, dancing with people from all over the world to incredible music with drinks full of flavour! 

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