Barcelona is one of those cities that you can't stop talking about because of its many monuments that amaze you at every corner. Thanks to the Renfe-SNCF en Coopération high-speed trains, you can come and see them for yourself in the blink of an eye! Here's one that you can visit with your significant other!

​If you are an urban art lover, you can't visit Barcelona without stopping by this fantastic mural. Created in 2014 by Catalan photographer Joan Fontcuberta, this mosaic titled "El mundo nace en cada beso" (or “The world is born in every kiss”) is made of 4,000 photos depicting moments of freedom printed on small cement tiles over an area of 30m2. The dominant colours in each individual photo, like brushstrokes on an impressionist painting or pixels on a screen, build up the larger image of a pair of kissing lips. 

Thus, through these singular expressions of freedom, the photographer reveals an immense moment of tenderness with which we can all relate ‒ family, friends, and lovers.

A tribute to love and freedom

The best way to contemplate this giant artwork, either on your own or in the company of your partner, is by wandering inside the famous Gothic quarter. It’s located in the small and quaint  Isidre Nonell square, very close to Barcelona Cathedral.

This creation was unveiled as part of the commemorations for the 300th anniversary of Catalonia's surrender in the War of the Spanish Succession on September 11, 1714 (which in turn originated the celebration of the National Day of Catalonia). Although it was originally intended to be an ephemeral installation, Barcelona City Council decided to make it permanent and it has since become a must-see landmark for all photography lovers visiting the old town. A true tribute to love and freedom, it carries a universal message that speaks to all those who come to visit it.

Don't forget your cameras, this could become your favourite picture in the gallery!

Isidre Nonell square

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