Carcassonne is a perfect place for families with children. In this impressive medieval town children and grown ups will spend an exceptional holiday. In addition, Carcassonne is closer than ever with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation's high-speed trains, which take you to the city center in less than two and a half hours. Without queues, without waiting and with total comfort you can discover these 6 places to visit in Carcassonne with family with children.

La Cité

 La Cité and Carcassonne

If you travel to Carcassonne with your family with children, the first place you should visit is La Cité. This is the medieval quarter of Carcassonne, but it is unlike any medieval quarter you have seen so far. The Cité is surrounded by a double wall and in its interior there is an entire city, with its cathedral. La Cité is the largest and best preserved medieval quarter in Europe. Here the children can explore numerous towers, palaces’ halls or inner wards. They can also meet a true knight of the thirteenth century who will explain everything about their weapons and armor.

Canal du Midi and Lac de Cavayère

Canal du Midi on its way through Carcassonne

The Canal du Midi is the perfect place to spend an afternoon in family with children. It is one of the oldest waterways in Europe and is surrounded by lush nature. Here you can take a boat tour and see the city of Carcassonne from a different and very beautiful point of view. You can also spend a relaxed family day with children on the artificial beaches of Lac de Cavayère. Here you can find areas for picnic, beach volleyball, and even mini golf. It is a perfect way to spend a family day with children.

O2 Adventure Park, fun for families with children

Families with children over 3 years old cannot miss the circuits of O2 Adventure Park. This park is beside, and above the Lac de Cavayère. Here the children can play golf, jump on the zipline over the lake and follow the different circuits of forest obstacles. There are different levels adapted for different ages and abilities. A short pre-training is offered and also equipment that can be used for two and a half hours. Rates vary between €8 and €18 and comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended. This is definitely one of the best places to spend a great day out for families with children.

Musée de l'Inquisition

Families with children who love history can complete the visit of La Cité with a visit to the Museum of the Inquisition of Carcassonne. This is a museum in which children can discover the history of this institution, the utensils they used to apply and the processes to which the heretics were subjected. The guides, images and descriptions of this Musée de l’Inquisition are translated into several different languages, including English and Spanish. In this way, families with children will not miss a single detail of this exciting story.

L’Atelier du Livre

Books created at l’Atelier du Livre - Picture: Facebook Atelier du Livre

A magical place very close to La Cité de Carcassonne that families with children should visit is l'Atelier du Livre. Here they will learn the techniques necessary to create books, bookmarks, postcards and many other fun things. The entrance is free, although you can also hire courses and presentations related to the impressive craft of booksellers. L'Atelier du Livre is the perfect place for children to come into contact not only with books, but with crafts and times where objects were hand-made.

La Maison Hantée​

Haunted House of Carcassonne

And to finish the visit of Carcassonne, we suggest to families with children to visit the La Maison Hantée. This haunted house is located inside La Cité de Carcassonne itself and is open to all people who want a different and fun experience, and who do not have heart conditions. This house has 15 different rooms spread over 400 m2, where terrifying and paranormal phenomena occur. It is not a bloody or violent show, so it is suitable for all members of the family who enjoy horror stories and terrifying surprises.

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