​Renfe-SNCF in cooperation takes you to many destinations in Spain, but one of the spots a diver cannot miss is the Costa Brava. Did you know that Renfe-SNCF in cooperation allows you to take up to three luggages including your scuba gear?

Less than one hour from the train station of Girona, where Renfe-SNCF stops, we find one of the most bucolic villages of la Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar. You can also get off in Figueras, although it is a bit longer, and visit other villages such as Palamós, where the Boreas, a ship of the Second World War sank.

Tossa de mar

This lovely village is one of the villages of the Costa Brava best preserved until today. Its unique geography has prevented the village from widespread growth, since it is surrounded by mountains.

This privileged situation has also benefited the village with regard to the environment. The seabed and its fauna have been protected and preserved with special care, turning its waters into one of the “Meccas” of Catalan diving.


The Mar Menuda is ​the beach equipped for divers to dive. Under the water you will probably see octopuses, breams, lobsters, eels, sunfishes and other marine species of the area. About 200 species live there and with any luck you may see dolphins and tuna fishes although they live in deeper waters. 

In addition, it is the perfect spot for submarine baptisms and obtaining the certification during almost all year, in diving centers of the area such as Submares.​​

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Renfe-SNCF en Coopération’s high-speed trains are the perfect way of transportation to start your trip off. Book your trip to Figueras or Girona now to have an experience of a lifetime!

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