​​​​​​​​​Costa Brava is one of the most wonderful places in the world. It represents the mental image we all have of the perfect vacation. Its beaches are of white sand and its waters are so transparent that it seems that the boats float in the air instead of in the sea. Fortunately, you can now travel to Girona on the Costa Brava in less than 40 minutes from Barcelona with the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains. Discover there the best tiny paradises in the shape of the perfect little known beaches in Costa Brava.

Cala Culip

Beautiful view from Cap de Creus

The first of our little known beaches list is Cala Culip. This place is a great unknown between locals and tourists. It used to belong to Club Med. Therefore, it was vetoed to the general public. But the club closed its doors in 2004 and now everyone can enjoy its magnificent beach. Cala Culip is located near Cap de Creus and will delight snorkelling lovers. The views make sunbathing in this little corner an amazing experience.

Platja Fonda​

Another place that you can not miss on the Costa Brava is the Platja Fonda. This beach is very close to Begur, but does not accumulate the amount of tourists that are usually in the most central beaches of this town. It is a little known beach surrounded by a great cliff so be prepared to climb up and down many stairs. But the exercise is worth it if you want to delight your senses with the dark blue of the waters and the quiet shadow of the cliff on the beach.

Cala Cativa

Enjoy Costa Brava with these little known beaches off the beaten track.

Near Cap de Creus you can also find this very little known beach, and it is actually small. This narrow strip of sand is unknown to most visitors, who choose to stay on the larger, wider beaches. You can reach Cala Captiva only by foot or by kayak. Here is room for only a few, but we can assure you that you will enjoy the privacy and the breathtaking views that can be seen from here. The pristine beach without the bustle of tourists will be a refreshing experience for the beach lover.

Cala Jugadora

The precious Cala Jugadora​​

Cala Jugadora is one of those places that many speak about but few have seen with their own eyes. The public knows this beach because of Salvador Dalí and Josep Pla, but not all dare to go. The road is a bit tortuous, both the part where you have to drive carefully, and later the section that you have to walk on foot. This little known beach is protected by cliffs that block the passage to the strong northerly winds. Snorkelling is a good idea here, because you can observe a great variety of marine life in its natural habitat. You can find Cala Jugadora near Cadaqués.

Cala Vallpresona

Cala Vallpresona is a very little known beach because of the effort it takes to get there. Please note that you will not be able to drive to the immediate vicinity of the beach. You will have to park your car on one side of the road and continue on foot. It is important that you prepare for a good walk. Forget the flip-flops and bring hiking shoes. However, once you reach the sea with your feet, you will forget the penance of the walk. Here you can enjoy a place not touched by the man's hand. There are no buildings, no services, no showers or tourists. Only the sea, the stones of the beach and the Costa Brava in all its splendor.

Cala Bramant

"Bramant" means "roaring" in Catalan, and once you get there you will understand why the locals named this cala "bramant". It is a small natural pool formed by huge rocks that is connected to the sea. In fact, the easiest way to get here is by small boat or kayak. But the most brave and prepared can also be reached on foot if they propose it. You can find Cala Bramant near Llançà and hear by yourself the roar of the sea trapped between the huge rocks at this little known beach.

Sure you already want to visit these little known beaches in Costa Brava. Fortunately, now you can travel to the Costa Brava with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains in the fastest and most comfortable way possible.
Take with you up to three suitcases without paying any extra amount and enjoy the most relaxing and ecological means of transport. Find the perfect train for you and plan in advance what will be the most unforgettable trip of your life.

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