​​Disneyland Paris is much more than a theme park. It is a place where time stops to give way to magic and imagination. Did you ever dream as a child about being inside a film of princes and fairies? It is time to stop dreaming and make your dreams come true. Buy your ticket and get on board the Renfe SNCF en Coopération trains heading to Disneyland Paris and give free rein to the child in you!

The park is located in Marne-la-Vallée, about 35 minutes from the center of Paris by train. At present it has two different spaces, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, as well as a shopping and entertainment area, Disney Village, and a theme golf course, Golf Disneyland. 
Disneyland Park is distinguished by its magic and holds the fabulous Sleeping Beauty Castle and attractions dedicated to films such as Pinocchio, Snow White and Peter Pan. Besides, it has attractions for speed lovers such as ‘Space Mountain’. It should be noted the gastronomic offer because, in addition to typical fast-food establishments the park has several restaurants offering quality food, sometimes even with a show included. ​
In 2002 the site was expanded to create the Walt Disney Sudios Park. It is dedicated to the cinematographic world and focused on animated films. The main attractions are Finding Nemo ‘Crush’s Coaster’, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith or the roller-coaster set in the film Ratatouille, the last acquisition of the park. 

It is not just a park to enjoy with family. The theme resort has amazing attractions and takes care of even the smallest details. The decoration perfectly recreates the whole world of this American animation factory and its offer covers a wide public and people from all generations. The common denominator is clear: we all grew up with the great Disney generation.
Each park requires a day visit. For this reason it is advisable to stay in one of the hotels located inside the park or one of the associated outside the park. There is a shuttle service connecting the parks with the hotels and the Village, allowing visitors to stroll at night around the shopping area or book a table at one of the restaurants there, such as Planet Hollywood.

At night, the Sleeping Beauty Castle offers a 3D projection on its façade which visitors cannot miss. In addition, parades pass by regularly offering to the little ones the option to see and touch their favorite animated stars.​

There are many alternatives to suit all tastes and all needs. Likewise, new offers are constantly launched to suit every budget. 

Think no further! Living in the purest fairytale style for some days has never been so easy before. High-speed trains leave you just a few minutes from a dream world. Are you up for it?
​​And remember that the comfortable seats of Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains will be waiting for you to offer a pleasant and recovery back home after this spectacular weekend in the land of magic.​

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  • Fatima Hassoun 17/07/2022 16:03:15
    Hey thank you for sharing your experiences ! I'm hoping everyone has a wonderful time at Disneyland after reading your blog. Considering you were to go with your family heres a few tips to improve your experience on your next Disneyland adventure ! My family and I visited the parks twice a few years back, both using premium access. It was absolutely wonderful. My family does not like crowds, or lines. We saved a lot of time by using the mobile app to cut down on eating time and not have a lot of back-and-forth. After scanning the current fastpass on our phones, we were able to schedule the next fastpass immediately. In addition, we were usually able to activate a second pass an hour after activating the first. Say we purchased passes for a ride that wouldn't be available until 4pm at noon, we could activate another pass for another ride at 1pm. The app also displays the pass availability, so we decided which Fast pass to select based on earliest availability. Rather than going across the park to get a ticket and then finding out we had to return four hours later, we avoided the runaround. I have access to all the information through the mobile app. The trip was much more enjoyable for my family and me because of it.
  • Lein 25/11/2022 00:24:31
    Hello, I also think that Disneyland Park is more than just a theme park, but I can not recommend it to someone who likes to ride a lot of roller coasters, because the theme park appeals better to people who like Disney and especially families it is a park that offers a lot of fun. I have secured there https://urlaubspunkt.de/disneyland-paris-angebot/ a deal with hotel, so I had a day to explore the park with my family, but in my opinion you have to stay more than 2 days in Disneyland Park, because you do not create much, just because of the long waiting times it can be really frustrating sometimes, but otherwise a nice park highly recommended.

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