​​​​​​​​​Discover the best mixture between sea and mountain with the gastronomy of Figueres. Now you can travel to this town located to the north of the province of Girona, Catalonia, with the high speed trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation

You can not miss the charms of the hometown of Salvador Dalí and the typical dishes of this part of Spain. Discover the unique twinning between the interior and the coast in the typical dishes that here are called "de mar i muntanya". You don’t have to wait or suffer inconveniences, as you can get on board the Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains until two minutes before departure. You will be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest and make the most of your time doing what you like best. 

Figueres: the best mix of sea and mountain

​​​Rice with seafood and Fish stew with potatoes

Figueres is a privileged place to be as close to the sea as to the mountains. This makes the gastronomy of this town and the area of Alt Empordà full of fresh fish and seafood dishes from the Mediterranean Sea and the rivers of the area. But here the traditional cattle breeding is very developed and the beef is very appreciated. In fact, the beef of Girona has its own denomination of origin. For this reason it is said that Figueres has a gastronomy "de mar i muntanya" (of sea and mountain), in which we find typical dishes such as meatballs with prawns or lobster with snails, in which an authentic symphony of tastes and smells is shown in its biggest splendor before the amazed visitor.

The sea and the mountain are present in all kinds of traditional dishes of this area. For example, fish stew with potatoes, called "suquet de peix" or rice with seafood, such as "arròs negre", are very common. They perfectly combine the chicken with the prawns and the hake with the potatoes. Here we find a great variety of fish for all tastes: dorada, sea bass, snapper, corvall, sole, escorpena, or monkfish. The variety of these fish and seafood is only surpassed by its freshness and the ability of the Figueres’ cooks to prepare them both in complex elaborations, and only with salt and the heat of the oven.

Much more than fish and meat

​​The big contrast between sea and mountain

We must not forget that the land of Figueres is the cradle of a great variety of fruits, vegetables, and cereals that are found in many of the traditional dishes of this area. Potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, cabbage, p​eppers, cauliflowers or eggplants can not be missed. In this way the people from Figueres have elaborated a rich, varied, healthy and eclectic gastronomy, which is a beautiful and delicious representation of the symbiosis between sea and mountain. The olive oil, a flag of the Mediterranean diet, is also produced here and is used to cook all these delicious dishes.

But the marriage of sea and mountain in the gastronomy of Figueres goes far beyond combining a meat and a seafood element in the same dish. Figueres is also renowned for its tradition of sausages. Here, the most emblematic Catalan sausages, such as llonganissa, butifarra and fuet, are produced in a traditional and handmade way. These sausages have many varieties and each artisan prepares them in a unique and unrepeatable way. And what better way to enjoy Figueres sausages than with clams, anchovies, squid, prawns and mussels of the Mediterranean Sea, in a true harmony of flavors.

But Figueres has even more delights than offering the hungry visitor. The gastronomy of "mar i muntanya" also includes such traditional accompaniments as the allioli (a sauce of garlic and olive oil), always served with paellas and rice dishes, and a great variety of desserts. Here we can try the famous Catalan cream, fritters, rice pudding, flan and cereixoles (pancakes-like sweets traditionally eaten in the Carnival period). Allow yourself the craving and finish in a big way your tasting of the cuisine of sea and mountain.

The sea and the mountain are in the most typical dishes of Figueres, but there is much more gastronomy to discover in this corner of the Iberian Peninsula, called the Alt Empordà. Give yourself to the taste of the wines of Denomination of Origin of this area and fall in love with Figueres. 

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