​​​​​​​You probably already know it, but Catalonia is certainly an outstandingly beautiful region that you never get tired of visiting because, among many other reasons, its landscapes are wonderful. You may have walked, cycled or taken the train, but have you ever had the chance to admire its beauty from the air? A balloon flight is an unforgettable and original way to fly over a region to experience a moment absolutely out of time. To live and share these wonderful moments, the first thing to do is to book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train tickets for Girona, the easiest and most ecological way to travel between France and Spain.

Flying over the Empordà

​The Camins de Vent company offers you the chance to fly over the Empordà, a historical region located between the Albères massif and the Gavarres, whose name comes from the municipality of Empúries, built on an ancient Greco-Roman settlement. From the air, depending on the direction of the wind, you will be able to admire the breathtaking nature of the region: the Pyrenees mountain range, the Perthus pass, the Albères massif, the Mediterranean, Cap de Creus, the Gavarres massif, but also perhaps fly over the city of Figueres. Departures are from Figueres or Verges, and you will participate in the preparation of the balloon. During the flight, which lasts about an hour and a quarter, the pilots will comment on the different areas and, to celebrate the landing, a glass of green cava and petits fours will be offered to you.

Contemplate the beauty of its natural spaces from the sky

Bégur seen from the sky

​The Airona Globus company offers flights to discover the area of Begur, in the Baix Empordà county, Òscar and Nuria. Passionate about their work and their region, Airona Globus offers unforgettable moments with early morning flights to enjoy the sunrise and calm winds. You will participate in the preparation of the equipment and then you will fly over the area where the wind will carry you with many explanations for an hour and a quarter.


Discover Banyoles from the air

​With Camins de Vent, you will be able to fly in a hot-air balloon over Banyoles, an area known for its municipality of the same name in the county of Pla de l'Estany in the province of Girona. Located halfway between the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees, the steep landscape of the Rocacorba will seduce you whatever the season. When you land, you will be offered a glass of cava and photos taken from the ground.

This is an opportunity to see the beautiful places as the crow flies

Cerdanya f​rom the sky

The Globus Company from Cerdanya and Camins de Vent also propose you to fly high to discover from the air the area of Cerdanya, Puigcerdà. The guides will give you explanations from the air about this area located on the French-Sp​anish border. You will have ​all the leisure to discover the nature of the Cerdanya plain and the Segre. After landing, a glass of cava will be waiting for you to celebrate the flight.

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