​​​​The famous TV show Game of Thrones celebrates 10 years since its release on April 17. In order to comfort everyone, we suggest you to come in Girona visit one of the shooting spots. Travel in a medieval area with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, and have a walk in the streets of Braavos.

If you weren’t living in a cave for years, you heard about Game of Thrones. Since that HBO (an American channel) has adapted the famous novel by Georges R.R Martin, the whole saga became an international trend. Seven seasons have already been broadcast, and now the world will discover the eighth one, the last one.  You can also discover one of the free city of Westeros: Braavos, or Girona in our real world.

We understand why producers shot in Girona: across the city walls the old town is hiding, famous for its culture and architecture. Old stone alleys, historic monuments, you will be in a particular atmosphere as defined in GoT.

St Marie Cathedral

One of the most impressive monument in town. Built on a headland, the cathedral overlooks the city. You will need to climb a huge stairs to go there.  Can you remember which character climbed it too? We give you a clue: he did it on a horse…

La plaça dels Jurats

It’s in this square that Maisie Williams, alias Arya Stark, turned one of the famous scene with the Faceless Men. One of the most important place in the city of Braavos that you can discover coming down from the cathedral. 

Ferran el Catolic street

Boat hulls, bait and fishing nets have been seen during the shooting in Ferran el Catolic street. Transformed into a big marin market for the scene, this street conduce you to old Arabic baths. A medieval atmosphere of the 12th century to observe!

Pujada de Sant Martí street

Take a walk at the cross between Pujada Sant Martí street and Pujada Sant Domène street. In front of the Bistrot restaurants, you will find an arched street, an emblematic place of the old Jewish district. You may remember a famous market scene with baskets, screens and wooden board there.

And if you don’t like Game of Thrones, nevermind Girona is a destination for everybody. Book your ticket now with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation, and discover Girona, or Braavos for all the Nightwatchers, Faceless man etc..

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