​​Girona is famous and attractive for many reasons, such as the beauty and variety of its landscapes, its traditional dishes, its popular fiestas... but it is also well-known for its four rivers. Today we invite you to discover a little more about those that contribute to Girona's charm: the Ter, the Onyar, the Güell and the Galligants. But if you want to discover all their beauty, the best thing to do is to book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train tickets to enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends in Girona!

If water is so present in Girona, it is because the city was built on a flood zone. The Ter, the Onyar, the Güell and the Galligants are the four main rivers that cross the city. Although since 1971 there has not been any major flooding, it is possible to see that some years have been particularly marked by floods by passing through the Calle de Ballesteries, where number 11 shows the water level in 1962, 1963 and then in 1970, the year of the greatest flood.

During the daytime, the view of Girona from the river is magnificent, but at night, with the lights, it is unbeatable!

When the rivers are calm and have no strong currents, they give the city a special charm. It will simply be impossible not to succumb to the picturesque charm of the city whose ochre, orange, yellow and red tones decorate the façades but also the waters of the rivers in which they are reflected. The Onyar, which passes right through the city centre, is certainly the most photographed. Indeed, the eleven bridges that cross it and link the old town with the Mercadal district, allow you to admire the reflections of the colourful houses that line it. Among the bridges that offer the best views and which we recommend you stroll along when the day is waning, to make the most of the play of lights and colours in the water, the Stone Bridge, but also the Peixateries Velles Bridge or Eiffel Bridge, which is easily recognisable for its red colour and design characteristic of the works of Alexandre Gustave Eiffel. The Cathedral and the tower of Sant Feliu, which overlooks the colourful houses and whose bell towers are reflected in the river, offer a fabulous sight.

The Eiffel bridge, with its characteristic design, is one of the most visited sites in the city

The Pont d’En Gómez, also known as the Princess Bridge, is just as charming and lends itself to romantic photos with its arch that is reflected in the water. Linger on the Casa Masó, the birth house of Rafael Masó i Valentí, one of his most important works in his life as an architect, which you can visit.

Continuing the walk, you will find the Isle of the Ter, a long islet th​​​at lies precisely at the junction of the Onyar and Ter rivers. This small haven of pea​​​ce has been declared a wildlife refuge and is a must for all nature and bird lovers.

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