​​​​​​Once upon a time, there was an unbelievably beautiful​ city located at the confluence of two rivers, about 470 km southeast of Paris. There two brothers invented the cinematograph but that’s a story in itself. And guess what… many more things have happened in Lyon, and there are more stories to discover. Dive with us into the Lyon of mysteries and crimes, or the Lyon where you can discover how trucks engines are manufactured, or feel as if you were one of its inhabitants during the war; or become one of the Canuts of the famous Croix-Rousse neighbourhood with Jirôme. Let us take you to Lyon in one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains and make you discover this amazing city. 


​Lyon and its mysteries and how to discover the phantoms of the city. 

In a city full of traboules (these small passages built underground), secrets emerge from the shadows. From the Vieux-Lyon to the Presqu’île, this tour will take you to the crossroads of the cosmic energy fields that converge at the High Bishopric of Saint-Jean and unveil secret societies. The Freemasons, the printers' Agla fraternity and Pierre Valdo's movement. And do not be surprised if you suddenly meet the sorcerers of Magonia, the exorcist Benedicti and above all the Lycanthrope… 

Become a private detective 

​Do you fancy a thrill? If Yes, let’s go and investigate the brigands, murderers and crooks who freely walked in the streets of Lyon. Follow the trail of the villains who have been wreaking havoc from the 14th century up to the present day. But always with a good sense of humour! 

Its streets, its buildings, its stores, its monuments ... it is difficult not to fall under the charms of one of the most beautiful cities in France 

Travel back in time and live in the occupied Lyon of WW2 

Put yourself in the shoes of Madeleine, a little girl who grew up in Lyon during World War Two. Feel what it is like to queue long hours in front of shops for basic food or run to the black market. Experience what it was like to witness tragic events like the bombing of 26th May 1944 which destroyed historic places. Go through the feeling of not knowing when or how the war will end. But it is not all sadness on this tour. Like Madeleine, you will be able to snatch a few moments of happiness, listening to jokes, laughing at small anecdotes with a soundtrack comprised of the music of the time. 

When a Canut rises up 

​Let us go to Jirôme’s flat, located in the Croix-Rousse neighbourhood on 21st November 1831. Jirôme is a Canut or silk weaver. That morning, he has to deliver a silk roll. He really needs the money to feed his children. With Tony “le Grand Gognant”, his apprentice, he decides to go down the hill despite an ongoing strike and the dangers… On this tour, you will find out about the Canuts’ daily lives and hardships as well as the incredible architecture of one of the most beautiful and historic areas in Lyon. 

Manufacturing trucks at the Renault factory 

​The first internal combustion engines were built at the end of the 19th century. Meanwhile, Marius Berliet built the first version of his engine in 1894 in Lyon. Ever since then, Renault has been developing and improving its truck engines, that weigh over 600 kg each, in its Truck Engines plant. There, robots and humans work together using cutting edge technologies to meet the engineering standards of today and complying with rigorous environmental regulations. Let them surprise you! 

La Croix-Rousse stands out for its architectural beauty and is a must-see if you travel to Lyon 

Lyon, an open-air gallery 

​As with many cities around the world, Lyon is a place where Art is part of everyday life. Since 1986, the Cité Création has produced more than a hundred painted walls in the city,  and today Lyon is internationally recognised for its murals, where glued paper, paint, stencils, mosaic, vinyl, vegetable moss, and more are used by the street artists, who have designated the Croix-Rousse district as their centre. And as by definition street art is fleeting and continuously changing, you may even take this tour more than once and see different things. 

 Autumn in Lyon


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