​La Sucrière, the old sugar factory converted into a Modern Art Museum, is treating us to an exhibit: Un petit prince parmi les hommes from 19 May​, featuring the famous writer Antoine de Saint Exupéry, born in Lyon in 1900. The Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train leaves for Lyon every day at 08:15 from Barcelona,​ Girona and Figueres. That way, in addition to this fantastic exhibit, you can also visit one of France’s most interesting cities.

Lyon is a multi-faceted city, from its fine cuisine renowned around the world, to its traboules, or labyrinthine passageways, the city of cinema thanks to the Lumière brothers and its festival, and of course, the city where you can go for a leisurely stroll along the Saône River. This time, we’re going to travel to Lyon following in the footsteps of one of its illustrious characters: Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

Un Petit Prince parmi les Hommes

​In this immersive exhibit, it is his mother who tells us Antoine’s story, revealing the tenderness and admiration that she feels towards her son. Because, the thing is, we’re entering a world that will not leave us unscathed. The tour of the exhibit will thrill and entice us from the first moment. The halls showcase different settings and episodes from his life. A happy childhood, like something out of a fairy tale, despite the sudden death of his father when Antoine was only four years old. 

Characters in the story Le Petit Prince

Le Petit Prince is going to take centre stage and, along with Antoine, will play hide and seek with us, the spectators, as if drawing us into one of his dreams. In the halls that follow, we see events play out from the life of Antoine de Saint Exupéry: His love of aviation had been with him since childhood, but it was in the military that he became a pilot. 

Being a pilot allowed him to travel the world

Flying would give him the chance to see different continents: Africa, America, Asia. And this, in turn, was a source of inspiration when he wrote: Southern Mail, Night Flight, Wind, Sand and Stars, Flight to Arras, Letter to a Hostage and The Little Prince (1943), which he himself illustrated and which made him famous around the world, a fame that endures through many generations of readers. A tale, a fable, a lasting story of love and friendship that will forever stay with anyone who reads it.

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