​There is a facet of Lyon that isn’t perhaps as popular. The city of the Traboules, which is also considered world capital of gastronomy, stands out in other fields as well, such as comics. Therefore, if you are a fan of the so-called ninth art, you will be delighted to discover the plans that this French city has for you. 

Here’s an advance: Lyon hosts every summer the BD Festival, an event dedicated to this art. But there's much more. 

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A festival that makes Lyon the world's epicenter of comics

Exhibitions, limited editions, unique sketches… Paradise for fans of the ninth art - Images from their Facebook page

Since 2006, the BD Festival has been held in Lyon, responsible for making the world of comics resonate in style. In the opinion of connoisseurs, this is the essential event of the ninth art, an annual event that brings together more than 200 international artists and specialists in the field each year.

​It is held every June, so next summer will be no more and no less than the 15th edition. It stands out for being a dynamic event that covers various stages, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Lugdunum Museum or the Lyon Opera House. Each of these emblematic spaces will host different activities and exhibitions for a few days with the aim of bringing the world of comics closer to everyone.

Other comic-related events in Lyon

Artists and fans debate and share ideas in an event dedicated to the world of comics - Images from their Facebook page

Another event that brings together a lot of people in Lyon is the Free Comic Book Day. This event takes place every year on the first Saturday in May and aims to introduce new titles both to comic enthusiasts and readers who are just starting out. For this, and as its name suggests, there are free comics available to the public, although there are also a number of other events such as book signings, contests, gifts, etc. It is worth mentioning that it is not an event exclusive to Lyon, as it takes place in other cities in France.

An event not to be missed by cartoon lovers is the Lyon Game Show, whose first edition was held in 2018. In this event, comics have an outstanding space, but they are not the only disciplines that attendees can enjoy. Lyon Game Show is synonymous with Japanese culture, anime, board games and video games. The appointment is in September, so don't miss details of the next edition.

Finally, we must not forget the Museum of Printing and Graphic Communication in Lyon, a place that may be of interest to comic book lovers. The museum reviews the history of the graphic industry from the invention of the printing press to the digital revolution we are living today.

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