​The beautiful city of Lyon is famous for many things: a historic past designated a Unesco World Heritage Site, an irresistible architecture and above all a gastronomy that is a world reference thanks to one of its most prestigious chefs: the well-known Paul Bocuse. With Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation we take you to the most gastronomic Lyon.

A market with history

Candy shop in Les Halles by Paul Bocuse

Only 5 minutes walking from Part Dieu central station, we find Paul Bocuse Covered Marked, a real pleasure for food lovers. The origins of the market go back to 1859 when it was built so that the farmers and ranchers of the area could sell their products more conveniently. The chosen place was the same that the inhabitants of the city had been using for years to trade their products. However, throughout the years, the market went losing prestige because of the lack of space for the sellers and above all, for the lack of hygiene.

The birth of Les Halles

Some traditional cheeses

The old provisions market was demolished and the construction of the new one began. It was inaugurated in January 1971. Although it had been created as a traditional market, it was not until 2006 that it got its present role thanks to the French chef Paul Bocuse.

A genius among stoves

Some of the delicacies that we can find in les Halles de Paul Bocuse

Paul Bocuse is one of the “fathers” of the Nouvelle Cuisine and a reference in France. In 1961, he was chosen as the best cook in France and got his first Michelin Star. During the following years, the significance of his cuisine arrived to levels never seen before. Not only did he get 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant, but he also won all existing awards, becoming one of the most prize-winning chefs in the history of gastronomy.

The present market

Some of the delicacies that we can find in les Halles de Paul Bocuse​

Paul Bocuse’s influence has been so strong that during the last reorganization of the market in 2006, the authorities asked him if the market could have his name, what he accepted immediately. Now, if you go and visit Les Halles, you may meet him looking for the best products for his restaurant, or just having a walk in some shops, looking for novelties.

The present market is made up of a building of 3 storeys, with more than 13,500 m2. The lower floor is the busiest, with more than 50 shops like restaurants, bars where you can enjoy high quality products or boutiques selling gourmet products. 

There is also a room for the celebration of gastronomic congresses, classes, wine and food tastings generally open to the public. One of the main characteristics of the shops is that the owners know exactly everything they sell.

When can you visit it?

It is opened from Tuesday to Saturday, from 7:00 am until 22:30. On Sundays and holidays, it is opened from 7:00 am until 13:00.

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