​Madrid is the stage of many literary and cinematographic works. But, a worldwide famous phenomenon became one important reason for many of yours to go to Madrid: Money Heist (or in Spanish, La Casa de Papel).

Even if the season 3 takes place far from Spain, we take you back to the two other past seasons by coming visiting the mythic stages of the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. Book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation tickets and enjoy an unforgettable trip to Madrid! 

A story about bandits willing to create their own money, but without killing anybody… A classic plot that had seduced thousands of viewers in Spain first, then worldwide thanks to Netflix’s diffusion. 

This series talks about the meticulous prepared robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. Where exactly is it? The Royal Mint of Spain is on Jorge Juan Street, 106, in the Salamanca district.

You will be able to enter this building by the street, on one side of the building. Nevertheless, this is not the facade that you can see in the TV show because of the tiny and much frequented streets that surround the Royal Mint of Spain and that made the shooting impossible.

Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid - Pictures from Wikipedia

Directors were looking for a similar place to facilitate the shooting. They choose the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid. The place is much bigger and has allowed to shoot the scene with the whole police deployment where they are watching the attack, patrols, and armed commanders aiming the building.

The SNRC served for exteriors shooting where the facade was relevant. For all the shootings on the rooftop, they actually took place on the Technical University of Madrid’s rooftop.

Spanish National Research Council in Madrid - Pictures from Wikipedia

Lots of scenes were shot on green background room that enables to put any scenery for a scene. However, an important scene of the TV show takes place on the Spanish newspaper ABC’s offices: the scene when you can see the whole paper printing process of the cash. Of course, it was impossible to shoot in the real Royal Mint, so directors had the idea to film the rotary printing presses of the newspaper. There, all the actors were playing their roles. The idea was so brilliant that we all felt in the universe of making bills with... newspaper.

After a stay full in emotions, following the steps of the robbers and policemen of the TV show Money Heist, get on a Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train et go quietly and safely home, maybe watching one episode of the TV show on your tablet or computer thanks to our free Wifi onboad. 

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