The cocido madrileño is ideal to eat when the days start to get colder. The cocido is a stew of chickpeas, vegetables, pork and lamb. The most traditional (and caloric!) dish in Madrid! Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation provides the most convenient way of travelling between Spain and France.

​Below are some restaurants you could visit during your next trip: 


Restaurant Lhardy - ​​www.​​

Casa Lhardy opened in 1839 and still retains the courtly and aristocratic atmosphere of the twentieth century. This restaurant has been mentioned in literary works by Galdós, Azorín and Gómez de la Serna. This is, without doubt, the most formally presented cocido, served on a silver tray, in dining rooms decorated with antiques

La Bola

Restaurant La Bola -​​​​​

Founded in 1870, the fourth generation of the Verdasco family still maintains the tradition: four hours cooking in individual clay pots over holm oak charcoal. If you are a curious person you can enter the kitchen and learn how the cocido madrileño is prepared. Other specialties of the restaur​ant are the Madrid-style tripe or roast lamb. If you still have a place for dessert, we recommend the apple fritters. They are irresistible!



 Restaurant Malacatín -​

Opened in 1895 and named after a beggar who used to​ play guitar for his glass of wine. The cocido is served in three bottomless dishes and an unbeatable challenge: "If you can finish it, you don't pay". Do you dare to accept the challenge?

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