Nimes is famous for its Roman monuments and this is not in vain. If you want to go see them for yourself, now you can be there in less than 3 ​and a half hours from Barcelona. Do not miss the opportunity to see the incredible Roman ruins of Nimes and travel comfortably with the most environmentally friendly means of transport. 

Make the most of your time with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, since they have a large number of travel frequencies, up to 6 trains in summer. In addition, Renfe-SNCF en Coopération train stations are in the centers of the most important cities. So you travel from center to center, without unnecessary journeys or discomfort. Here is all you can see in Nimes.

All Roman Monuments of Nîmes

Arènes de Nîmes

    ​​Arènes de Nîmes ​​

The Arènes de Nîmes is not only one of the best known Roman monuments. It is also the best preserved Roman theater in the world. This is because this building has been used continuously since its construction in the year 100 AD until today. In the Arènes de Nîmes 25,000 Romans could enter to see the spectacle. During the Middle Ages was used as fortification and a whole neighborhood with two chapels was built inside. Today you can visit it every day for € 11.50.

Maison Carrée

La Maison Carrée is another of the most emblematic Roman monuments in Nimes. The Square House was built in the year 16 AD as a temple, but, like the Arènes de Nîmes, it has played many different roles throughout history. Now you can admire its original structure with Corinthian columns better than ever, as it has undergone a meticulous restoration. 

Pont du Gard

​ ​​​Pont du Gar​d ​​​

We can not speak of Roman monuments in Nimes without mentioning the Pont du Gard. It is an ancient Roman aqueduct built between the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD. The original aqueduct was 50 kilometers long, but since the 6th century it stopped being maintained and little by little it fell apart. Today there is only a small part restored that we can admire and imagine what would have been that colossal construction.


The Castellum is another of the Roman monuments of Nimes. The Castellum is related to the Pont du Gard, but is in the town of Nimes itself. It is a circular building carved into the rock with a depth of 1.40 meters. The function of this building was to receive the water that came from the aqueduct and to distribute it by the old leasd pipes across the city.

Fall in love with the Roman heritage of Nimes

Gardens of the Fontaine and Temple of Diana

Temple of Diana and Gardens of the Fontaine - Daniel Villafruela and José Luiz Bernardes Ribeir, Wikimedia Commons

Here we find two Roman monuments together, since they were part of the same structure of the sanctuary dedicated to the emperor Augustus. The gardens date back to the 18th century, but were built on the remains of the spring of the Roman Nemausus. In the same complex are the ruins of the mysterious Temple of Diana. The original function of this building is unknown and its structure has not been cared for over the centuries. Its end came with a fire in the 16th century and since then it is a meeting point for archaeologists and tourists alike.


The walls surrounding the city of Nimes are a Roman monument in their own right. They were the largest walls in all of Gaul and were built in 15 BC. Only two of the twelve gates that existed on the walls of Nimes are still preserved. The walls of Nimes also had 80 defensive towers. Of them only one remains, the Tour Magne. The Tour Magne currently has a height of 32 meters, although it has lost its top floor. However, it is highly recommended to climb it anyway to admire the breathtaking views that can be seen from its summit.


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