​​Are you planning your next visit to Paris? Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation offers the possibility of travelling there up to four times a day in high season! In addition to the nice views on the train, the central location of the stations will permit you to save time and money when you travel.

The variety of museums, cafes and entertainment is so wide that it can even be overwhelming. A big benefit of the city is that it has many parks to unwind and recharge your batteries before continuing with your visitBelow you will find three parks that you can’t miss:

Luxembourg garden


After you've been impressed by Notre Dame and the Pantheon, you will need to clear your mind. So a visit to the Luxembourg Garden is the ideal option before continuing with the itinerary. This park is inspired by the Florentine Boboli garden and is divided into two sections: one part with a French flair and the other in English style. Besides relaxing with a picnic on the grass, you also have the opportunity to play chess, tennis or bridge.​​

Tuileries garden


No matter how long your visit to the Louvre has been, the next mandatory stop is the Tuileries garden. This garden brings together two key points in the city: the museum and the Place de la Concorde. The two ponds motivate people to rest and the kiosks with metal tables invite visitors to enjoy a sweet or savory crêpe.​

Champs de Mars​​​​

The Champ de Mars is located at the bottom of which is surely the most emblematic symbol of Paris: the Eiffel Tower. In its beginnings, this garden was a field used to grow vegetables, but after the construction of the Military Academy it was first used as a parade ground. Currently, it is one of the favorite places of Parisians and tourists to relax and enjoy the views.​​

Ready to discover the city ? Your trip to Paris will be an experience of a lifetime through the different eras. Book your trip with Renfe- SNCF in Cooperation now!

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