​​​The fact that the French capital is an amazing city is a given. There aren’t many people who have not visited or heard about the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum or the Notre Dame Cathedral, just to mention a few of its treasures. After being delighted by these architectonic and cultural marvels, one may be willing to delve deeper into a more unknown Paris – the one you won’t find in travel guides

Look for these 5 places in Paris that no brochure mentions. Climb aboard one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains and prepare to discover a more unknown – yet equally beautiful – Paris.

Mouffetard Street

Images of the Mouffetard market

Right in the middle of the Latin Quarter you can find one of the oldest streets of the city. It is a cobblestone street that stretches over half a kilometer (0.3 mi) and which dazzles with its environment. Mouffetard Street combines small stores, bistrots and a coquettish market where you can buy fruits, vegetables and delicious French cheeses. Weather willing, take a seat in one of its terraces and simply enjoy the moment.

Place des Vosges

Images of the Place des Vosges

This park, located in the Le Marais district, is the oldest in Paris. It was the place where the wedding ceremony between Louis XIII and Anna of Habsburg took place in the year 1612, which was also the day of its inauguration. In its vicinity, you can find elegant mansions that house museums, such as the Picasso Museum or the Maison de Victor Hugo. At the center of Place des Vosges, there is a garden that surrounds the equestrian statue of Louis XIII.

Passage Jouffroy

 Photographs of the shops of the passage

When it looks like it might rain, it is best to stay indoors. One of your best options is to roam Passage Jouffroy, a roofed alley that dates back to the year 1836. It stands out due to its marble floors and crystal ceiling, but also due to the great number of original businesses you can find there. At Passage Jouffroy you can even find the popular Grévin Museum, where you will be able to take pictures with wax celebrities. You will also find a teahouse, the charming Chopin Hotel and the huge Hall of Mirrors.

Canal de Saint-Martin

The Canal Saint-Martin

Visiting Paris without going for a stroll along the Seine riverside is inconceivable. That said, in the French capital, you will also find many places to visit near channels. The Canal Saint-Martin is just one of them, and maybe the most bucolic. Its distance from downtown Paris may seem like a disadvantage, but it is its greatest allure. As you walk its banks, you will not see exclusive boutiques; only sluices, swing bridges and, above all, peace and quiet.

Montparnasse Tower

Images of the Montparnasse tower and its spectacular views

You can get to the top of this 210-meter (690’) tower by taking the fastest elevator in Europe. The outside of this skyscraper may not be particularly interesting, but it offers one of the most impressive views of Paris. Built in 1973 by Architect Rouger Saubot, from its terrace you can see the most important monuments of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower.




As you can see, it is impossible to get bored in Paris. Book your ticket now and travel with our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation high-speed trains, to visit the city from a different perspective

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