​​​​​Paris is a city full of plans with children. There are plans for all tastes, more educational, more fun or more relaxed. In any case, Paris is the city that charms big and small, and now Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation takes you to the French capital in the fastest and most comfortable way. Stretch your legs, relax in the wide seats and get transported to the city of the light to enjoy these familiar plans in Paris.

Animals from all over the world at the Vincennes Zoo

See the giraffes and many other animals at the Vincennes Zoo

The Vincennes zoo is one of the funniest plans with kids you can do in Paris. This zoo is the largest in Paris and is more than 100 years old. Here children can see about 1000 animals from 130 different species from all over the world. Felines and giraffes are the favorites of the majority. You can also see some endangered species that are almost not found in the wild anymore. In this way the little ones can have fun while they learn the importance of biodiversity conservation and how these animals have babies in captivity. Undoubtedly, the Vincennes zoo is one of the stars among family plans in Paris.

Paris history for children at the Musée Carnavalet

Another great plan with children to do in Paris is the visit to the Musée Carnavalet. This museum is located in the Marais district and is surrounded by impressive gardens. The aim of the museum is to present the Parisian and French history to the children in the most amusing and enjoyable way possible. For this reason, the museum is full of scale models, life-size displays, and reconstructions of important events, places and people. You can see representations of rooms of famous writers or modernist dance halls. There is also a great variety of workshops and activities for children and families. Surely you've always wanted to learn how to make a hat or a banner. Now you can do it with your family at the Musée Carnavalet.

Paris parks for all tastes and activities

The Luxembourg Gardens

Parisian parks offer a good free alternative to visits to museums and monuments for which entrance fees are paid. Paris is a city full of parks and greenery and Parisians enjoy them in many different ways. You can take a bike route through the Garden of Boulogne. You can also do running in the Luxembourg Garden. There are even free qui gong classes at Parc des Buttes Chaumont. There are also street performers, puppet plays and all kinds of outdoor activities. Even if what you are looking for is a relaxing plan with children, you can go with your family to any park in Paris and organize a good picnic. And all this in an unbeatable environment.


A boat ride on the Seine

A large part of the charm of Paris is its river, the Seine. That is why we include in our suggestions for plans with children in Paris a boat trip on this wonderful river. Tourists often opt for the Bateaux-Mouches company. The boats of this company are the most representative of the Parisian landscape. The fleet has been operating since the Universal Exposition of 1900 and nowadays it carries about 2 million people every year. The boats have restaurants, wide viewpoints and the unmistakable atmosphere of the city of light. When the little ones get tired of walking around the Parisian monuments, a boat trip on the Seine is a good alternative and a great family plan.​

A bird’s eye view of Paris

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