​​​​Paris is town with a lot of culture. Museums like the Louvre, Picasso, L’Orangerie, Orsay and so many more, music festivals, and a large choice of cultural activities make Paris come to life during all the year. Parisians really enjoy literature, that’s why we decided to present you a few bookstores among the best ones in Paris. With our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains, we lead you there so you can get lost between books and find there the book you always dreamed of. 


Views of the outside of the bookstore

This bookstore’s specialization is fashion and design books, so the clients can spend many hours between piles of books and magazines looking for the treasures which are there. Many times they organize different kinds of expositions in their gallery. 


Views of the inside of the bookstore

One of the most exclusive publishing company in the world has its own shop in the Saint Germain des Prés neighborhood. The spectacular design of the space make clients feeling as if they were at home. Each book is an authentic art work which praises for paper. 


Image of the Artazart bookstore

On the banks of the Canal Saint Martin, Artazart is a reference bookstore for artists, photographers, and graphic designers. It’s impossible not to slow down when you see its front window… so you can enter there and browse photographs, design, graphism, fashion or any other kind or art books… They have a gallery where they organize expositions... 

Shakespeare & Company 

View of the Shakespeare & Company bookstore

Located in front of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, this bookstore is a piece of universal literature history. Moreover, this bookstore is a library too so you can find there books from everywhere in the world and there is a huge anglo-saxon literature collection. There is a space with many books where you can seat and stay to read as long as you want and there is a piano too where you can play and create a good atmosphere for the readers who are there.  It’s just a paradise for books lovers. ​

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