​​Paris is a perfect shopping destination. It doesn’t only mean that you can find everything you need, you can also find products that are exclusively in the french capital. That’s why this time, Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation takes you there to spend a good time shopping and riding by a few historic markets of Paris. So don’t forget a good footwear, take your credit card and let’s go shopping!


Galeries Lafayette 

Interior of the Lafayette galleries

Located on Boulevard Haussmann, at nº40, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, the Galeries Lafayette are considered as the biggest upmarket in the western world with an area of more than 75.000 square metres (807293,28 square feet) and more than 20 millions visits per year. 
Created in 1893 by the two cousins Théophile and Alphonse Bader, it quickly got the acceptation of office workers and the Parisian up middle class. On October, 12th, the new market, with five floors,  balconies and a huge dome, was inaugurated. The dome, inspired by a byzantine style, is 33 meters (108 feet) high.
In the galleries, you can find the best shops of commercial brands and high fashion, now that many of the greatest designers in the world as Daniel Hechter, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel or Yves Saint Laurent began their career there. It’s possible to find the second biggest shoes shop in the world with more than 3000 square metres (32291 square feet) and a huge shop of wines from Bordeaux with more than 1500 references. 


Exterior and dome of Printemps Galleries

The Galeries Printemps are located on Boulevard Haussmann, at nº 64, were created in 1865, and were pioneer because they were the first galleries with lifts in 1874, the first using electric energy in 1888 and the first with a direct access to the underground in 1904.
The company policy of the galleries have been a revolution in the business world of that time. Permanent prices for every product had been decided to avoid a constant haggling between the clients and the sales agents. 
In 1912, the first market opened outside Paris and in 1931, the first market low prices known as Prisunic, opened. Currently, there are 23 markets Printemps in France and many others all around the world. 

Le Bon Marché 

Exterior of Le Bon Marché

Founded in 1838, the Bon Marché is considered as the first Up Market in the world. At the beginning, they sold clothing and nowadays, as a LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) group member, it became big markets where it’s possible to find any kind of stuff, including one of the most spectacular markets for gourmands in Paris: the Grande Épicerie, located in Sèvres street, at nº24. 


Cafés Verlet

Exterior and interior of Café Verlet, images of its Facebook page

For sure it is one of the most famous and ancient cafés in Paris. Founded in 1880, they have one of the best selection of coffees from all the world. Located in de central Saint-Honoré street, at nº 256, You will be able to savor exquisite coffees and teas served in a traditional way with a refined service. They have a shop too so you can buy the coffee that you prefer. 

Mariage Frères

Exterior and interior of Mariage Frères, images Courtesy of its Facebook page

Founded in 1854, it is the most prestigious tea house in Paris. Located in the Bourg-Tobourg street, at nº 30-32, you will find not only every kind of teas, buy you will also be able to savor them in situ   and like this visit an authentic teas museum. 

Debauve & Gallais

Exterior and interior of Debauve & Gallais

This chocolate factory and shop founded in 1800 is a real institution in the French capital. Its more than 200 years experience involve a perfect knowledge about the chocolate’s world: chocolate bonbons, chocolate truffles, pearls and every kind of chocolate bars served and arranged in an exquisite way. You can find them in the Parisian shop, in the bohemian neighbourhood Saint Germain des Près, in the Saints Pères street, at nº 30; but if you don’t have time to go there, they can also send it to you wherever you are in the world. 

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