​We always think the best way to visit a place is wandering around streets and neighborhoods, but have you ever considered jogging the streets of the city? The trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation will take you to Paris at high-speed and you will have the chance to discover the city by running.

I tell you next my experience this weekend. On Friday afternoon we took the Renfe-SNCF en coopération high speed train that links the cities of Barcelona and Paris. It took six hours I enjoyed to relax, watch a film, have a meal and finish the book left neglected for ages. I love travelling by train, crossing coaches to the cafeteria and having a coffee while looking at the scenery.

Another advantage of taking the train is that I got off in the city center, the Gare de Lyon station. For train lovers this is a highly recommended station: elegant and majestic.

Paris offers a wide range of accommodation, but I really felt like staying in a recently opened hotel, the Banke, a wonderful hotel of Derby group, which stands out by its peculiar decoration, modern with touches of rococo. 

In the evening, we had dinner in a restaurant I didn’t know that surprised me, Aux Lyonnais by Alain Ducasse. It’s not easy to recommend a specific dish, but I remember specially the lamb taste.

​Restaurant Aux Lyonnais -
The next day we planned our route properly and prepared all the necessary equipment to achieve our goal: visit the city while jogging

All I needed was my Puma small backpack full of water and glucose tablets just in case. The rest, as you can imagine, T-shirt, sport tights and my Puma Ignite, which I was wearing for the first time. 

We left the Banke towards Av. de l’Opera up to the Seine. Our small romantic moment consisted in putting a lock on the Pont Neuf. We kept on with our route to St. Michel Notre-Dame. I find this cathedral spectacular, and its location in a small island in the cité makes it more interesting. We stopped several times to take some pictures until we crossed the Seine and reached the famous Eiffel Tower. We took some pictures for the Instagram and carried on. 

From this point we jogged towards Champs-Élysées. It is a nice and chic area to wander around. From here we kept going towards the Opera and to the hotel. 

Jogging the streets of Paris is a different and nice experience because in addition to do sport you get a wider view of the city itself.

On Sunday we had some time to rest and walk through the Luxemburg Gardens, one of the places I like most. It is one of the most beautiful parks in the French capital and highly frequented by Parisian. 

Sundays are sad, especially when you have to return from Paris. Back at the Gare de Lyon heading Barcelona. We were pleased to take again the Renfe-SNCF en coopération Euroduplex. Six hours I used to start a new book, have lunch at the cafeteria and enjoy as a child the high speed train while crossing France at 300 km per hour.   

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