The macarons have become so popular in the recent years that today it is almost impossible to visit Paris without tasting some. Many patisseries and pastry artists have specialized in this precious sweet product, which has turned into a really delicious dessert. If you want to taste the best macarons in Paris, get on board the high-speed trains Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation and get into a festival of flavors, colors and textures!​​​

Although macarons are currently reaching its peak, the truth is that there is a long tradition in Paris around them. Some master pastry chefs began to specialize in this product in the late nineteenth century, and created small teahouses that have today become large chains spread throughout the Gallic geography.

It is not easy to walk around the city without staring at the shop windows filled with macarons. These small biscuits made of egg whites, ground almonds and sugar are filled with cream and so many flavor mixtures are possible that you may taste a different variety every day of the year.

If you want to taste the best macarons in Paris, do not miss these six pâtisseries.


Gérard Mulot

Assortments​ de Macarons - Gerard Mulot Patissier / Facebook

In 1975 Gérard Mulot, master pastry chef, opened his first shop in the heart of Saint Germain’s neighborhood with the aim of making it a benchmark for high-end patisserie. He has since opened three more, where color invades their windows filled with macarons and other specialties such as croissants or individual cakes. The prices are high but justified by the quality of products and excellent service. The offer is now wide and their windows show, in addition to sweet creations, exquisite salty dishes and delicatessen. If you are wandering around the city center do not miss this little gem!


Ladurée is one of the best patisseries par excellence in Paris. It started its business in 1862 by opening a shop near the famous church of the Madeleine. In the early twentieth century, the wife of Ernest Ladurée, owner of the business, decided to open a new meeting space allowed to women. It was then when the premises located at Royale Street 16 opened a small lounge upstairs that still retains the charm of classical and bourgeois aesthetic of early last century.

The company has grown so much that it is now working in several countries around the world and has many charming patisseries and tea houses in Paris. It is hard to resist entering Ladurée and taste its varieties of rose petals, raspberry and chocolate with cherry. And if you want to buy your friends and family a typical gift from France, they have a shop at the airport of Orly! 

Pierre Hermé

Pierre Hermé ​Macarons ​  - London Chow, ​​​​​Charlotte Marillet, Wikimédia Commons 

If there is a patisserie that can compete with Ladurée, this is the Pierre Hermé. The premises look like real jewelry shops and, thanks to its savoir-faire and excellence, it is easy to find long queues in shops. Their macarons are among the most expensive of the capital, but they taste amazingly good. They have now fifteen shops in Paris and are present in more than ten countries. If you are crazy about this sweet confection, their website offers the option to buy boxes of macarons online and receive them anywhere in Europe.

It is really difficult to choose just one variety of their offer, because each month they add a new flavor to surprise customers. Of course, you cannot miss the Ispahan (rose, raspberry and lychee) nor the Mogador (passion fruit and milk chocolate). Delicious! 


Gaston Lenôtre opened its first store in 1947 in Normandy. Ten years later they moved to the capital and opened a shop in Auteuil Street 44. Although their business is not focused on macarons, it is a product they bake with great skill. They have now diversified their activity and are known for its renowned cooking and baking school, where many chefs have studied. Take a meal in any of their lounges and enjoy a macaron as dessert from all their offer. The funniest is the Macaron Nounours that simulates a brown bear face!  

Christophe Roussel​

Macarons - christophe-roussel.fr 

In the lab-atelier located in the town of La Baule, in northwestern France, Christophe Roussel is responsible for constantly reinventing the macarons with his team of pastry chefs and chocolatiers. He owns in Paris a shop in Tardieu Street, in the Montmartre district, although he holds several patisseries and chocolate shops spread all around the country. We want to highlight the lavender and apricot macaron and some less traditional macarons, as the Macaron Tulameen. The latter reinvents the same as ever traditional macaron by filling it with whole raspberries along with the cream. 

Sadaharu Aoki

With such a name, who would imagine this shop offers some of the best macarons in Paris? The truth is that Sadaharu Aoki is a Japanese master that converted his knowledge in Asian cooking into the strength of his products. His macarons mix Japanese flavors with French tradition, resulting in delicious varieties such as the Matcha (green tea) or the Yuzu (typical Japanese citrus fruit). He has currently four patisseries in the capital, one located within the gourmet area of the Galeries Lafayette. It may be a good choice to sweeten your purchases, don’t you think?

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