After months of intense reforms, the Maison Balzac is once again open to the public. This house museum is located in an idyllic corner of the Trocadero district in Paris. It was here that the French novelist Honoré de Balzac wrote his most famous work “The Human Comedy”. As such, it is one of the essential visits of the Parisian city for lovers of literature. 

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What to see at the House Museum Balzac

The museum stands out not only for its historical component, but also for the beauty of where it is located - Photos from its Facebook page 

Balzac lived in this house in Rue Raynouard between 1840 and 1847. This means that, as we pointed out earlier, it was in this house that he wrote his epic novel “The Human Comedy”, finished in 1845. With this emblematic work, the writer set out to cover two decades of history: from the fall of Napoleon's Empire to the July Monarchy. With a total of 87 complete novels and around 3,000 characters, it presents a magnificent portrait of the society of the time.

The Maison Balzac is the only house in which the author lived in Paris that still stands. That's why getting to know it constitutes a very special visit. Not to mention the magnificent views of the Eiffel Tower from the garden of the museum house.

Inside the house, there are still personal objects of the writer, such as manuscripts, paintings or engravings. The attractiveness increases if we consider that all these articles are in the original scenario where Balzac went from living in misery to become one of the references of literature worldwide. Among the pieces presented, we find his inseparable coffee maker, the protagonist of his long waking hours, or a cane made of gold and turquoise.

Inside you can find objects or texts that were not published by the author - Photos from his Facebook page 

In addition to the permanent exhibition, this place periodically organizes other activities related to the life and work of the famous author. There are also concerts, readings, and, what’s more, the museum house has a complete library.

Practical information

Since 1949, the Maison Balzac has formally become a museum of the city of Paris. It is very easy to get to this place, given its central location. It is only a few minute’s walk from the Passy metro station and from the Champ de Mars, the enormous garden where the Eiffel Tower​ stands splendidly.

The house museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. The visit to the permanent exhibition is free of charge, although there are guided and thematic tours available for visitors to deepen their knowledge of both Balzac and “The Human Comedy”.

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