​​​​Perpignan city is a perfect place to go to for a one day excursion. The historical city centre, the Kings of Mallorca’s Palace, the narrow streets with many shops are very good reasons to spend a fantastic day there. In just one hour and 20 minutes from Barcelona, you can be there thanks to our high speed Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains. Let’s go? ​

Early in the morning, we took the TGV for Paris Gare de Lyon and in less than 90 minutes we were in Perpignan. 

Our TGV when arriving at the station of Perpignan

When we went out the train station, we took the General De Gaulle avenue and in a little bit more than 10 minutes, we were in the city centre. 

After going to the tourist office where we have been really well welcomed, we went to our first place to discover: Le Castellet

Built in the XIXth century, it is now the Catalan Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, but it was before one of the main doors of the high wall and even a jail. Its shape is the symbol of the town hall. ​
Front and general view of the Castellet​

Really near from there, there is the Saint Jean Baptiste Cathedral, Gothic in style. Inside the Cathedral there is a huge central nave with beautiful stained-glass windows and an impressive organ of the XVth century that we could hear, by luck, because the organist was practising. It was an incredible privilege to sit there, rest and enjoy Bach’s music

General and organ view of the Cathedral

When we went out of the Cathedral, we had a walk in the main street and saw the tiny but so sweet Perpignan town hall where it’s possible to see a beautiful Aristide Maillol sculpture. All the streets near the main one are full of shops, bars and restaurants so we had a break and took a coffee before going to the Kings of Mallorca Palace. 
Front view and the courtyard of the Town Hall

Climbing by the rue des archers, we arrived to the Pane entry. This Gothic fortification of the XIIIth century is very impressive: as outside with its gardens as inside. During more than five centuries it was a military siege, until the end of the Second World War, when its doors were opened so people could enter there. 
Its has been conserved in a very good condition and form the promontory, we could enjoy excellent views of the city. 
Exterior and one of the courtyards of the Palace of the Kings of Majorca​

After our visit of the Palace, we had a break in one of the many and good restaurants of the city center. 

Before going back home, we had a walk near the canal and stopped in many shops to buy souvenirs and enjoy a delicious coffee on a terrace.
General view of the Canal as it passes through the city center

 On our way back to the train station, we saw the spectacular Theatre of the Archipelago, a work of Jean Nouvel and Brigitte Metra, on the banks of the Tet where it’s possible to see many different kinds of spectacles during all the season. 
Theater of the archipelago and surroundings​

Our train, where we were comfortably installed, arrived on time, and it was time to see the many pictures we made and to think of our next travel. 

Travelling with Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation is so easy, fast and relaxing…
What do you expect to enjoy it too?


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