​​France is well-known for its romantic villages. Even if Paris is considered as the capital of love par excellence, there are many other romantic places throughout the whole country. 

You can visit regions such as Provence which will fascinate you and your family from the very beginning. 

We invite you to discover Provence in a quick and comfortable way with our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains. 

Let´s fall in love with Provence!


The city of Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence is the capital of the region of Provence and the birthplace of Cézanne. It is a quiet and elegant town, full of tree-lined avenues, picturesque squares and monumental fountains. To dedicate a few hours to visit the Musée Granet is a must. You will enjoy an amazing tour through centuries and the History of art. You should not miss the route dedicated to Cézanne, the father of modern painting, in the neighbourhoods where he lived. Aix-en-Provence is a city that will charm you.


The city of Arles

Founded by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, Arles is, after Rome, the city with the largest amount of Ancient Roman monuments, and among them, the theatre and the amphitheatre -with a capacity of more than 20.000 spectators- have to be highlighted. Therefore, the UNESCO lists the entire city as a World Heritage Site.

Arles was a place for inspiration for many painters, for example Vincent Van Gogh, who painted during his stay in the city more than 300 works, in only a little bit more than a year. A cafeteria that still remains intact and that is located in the Place de la République inspired one of his best paintings: the “Café Terrace at Night”. 


The city of Baux-en-Provence

Small and impeccable, Baux-en-Provence is set on the top of a cliff of 245 meters high that dominates two valleys. 

Its golden age was during the Middle Ages, when the art of the renaissance arrived to the urban architecture. Even if it is a very touristic village, you should also visit the castle, admire the mansions that are now pleasant museums or just walk through its streets, where many typical stores are selling lavender. Besides, it is also recommended to visit the Carrières de Lumières to see a multimedia show, with a new one each season. 


The city of Avignon

It is probably the most famous city of the region of Provence and its bridge over the Rhone River is famous for appearing in the popular song for children. 

Avignon is a city where painters like Picasso found an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Picasso painted a large amount of his famous works there; some of them are in the Angladon Museum. 

Avignon is the largest gothic ensemble in Europe, being especially important the enormous Palace of the Popes. Less solemn is the Plaza de l'Horloge, the social centre of the city, always bustling with its cafes and terraces where it is mandatory to have an aperitif.


The city of Gordes

Gordes is without any doubt one of the most beautiful villages of the whole Provence and is surrounded by immense fields of lavender and poppies.

The castle of the town has an immense beauty and shows us the important strategic value that Gordes had: a fortified village during the Middle Ages and also during a part of the Renaissance. Don’t miss to see the cobblestone streets when you are visiting the region of Provence!

Besides of Provence, you should also discover other of our destinations in France. Just book your tickets in one of our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation trains and you will fall in love with this magical country.

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