In Reus, it is said that vermouth (bitter, red or white wine, macerated with different plants) has always been in fashion since it was introduced at the end of the 19th century. Between this time and the beginning of the 20th century, more than 30 manufacturers made their appearance in this small city of Catalonia. At the moment, there are 3 remaining that develop about thirty brands. In Madrid and Barcelona, ​​we always talk about "Vermouth de Reus" and it's because people have taken a liking to it! 

And you ? What are you waiting for coming to taste this little marvel that will boil your taste buds? Book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation​ train tickets to discover the cradle of this drink.

Vermouth Museum - Restaurant, Reus

 The Vermouth Museum, a great place to learn about its history and taste its varieties - Photos from its facebook page

Fell in love with this drink several years ago, Joan Tàpias founded this museum. He thinks that any product that has a history must have a museum. Tàpias began to collect bottles of this drink from around the world ... until he had so many that he decided to found the Museu del Vermut with the biggest manufacturers in Reus. In the museum-restaurant, where you can admire more than 5000 bottles, even the toilets are decorated in "vermouth" style. And since we know you'll want to try a lot of them, take advantage and stay at the restaurant's delicious food.

Vermuts Miro, Reus

Founded in 1953, this house focuses on aromatized wines and liqueurs. Little by little, they began to bottle themselves until they founded their own brand. 

​Today, Vermuts Miro is developing a wide range of this drink with different characteristics that make it unique, but without forgetting their origins. Among other brands, we can highlight Vermut Fusión, developed in collaboration with the great chef Paco Pérez.

Grandfather's Cellar (El Celler de l'Avi), Calafell

This is an old cellar converted into a bar where you can enjoy a delicious vermouth of its personal recipe, accompanied by good chips. A nice local, near the beach, very popular, where you can also enjoy other dishes, among which is the "Cachipanda", clams with olives accompanied by espinaler sauce. Even if the prices are not given, it's worth the detour.

Vermuts Rofes Restaurant, Tarragona

A perfect place to take vermouth and taste the cuisine of the Costa Daurada - Photos from its facebook page

An old vermouth cellar with a beautiful interior patio. Not only will you be able to enjoy an excellent homemade vermouth at an affordable price, but also enjoy the incredible menu of dishes they have to offer: tapas such as potato bravas, Galician octopus, steak tartar, cod confit and many more.

Come test the local drink where it was first made. But be aware! Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health! So choose the train for getting around! We put at your disposal our comfortable means of transport and you only have to relax!

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