​​​​​Visiting Toulouse with family is one of the most wonderful experiences that exist. This city is very open to children and young people. It is a university city and throbbing with life. 

And now you and your family can be in the center of Toulouse in a very short time, about three hours from Barcelona. In addition, the trip will be even shorter with the comfort and speed of Renfe-SNCF trains. ​Relax with the train rattling and get ready for these plans to visit Toulouse as a family.



Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France. It has 450,000 inhabitants, but it does not give the vertigo of big capitals. When you visit Toulouse, you get the impression of being in a place where the clock has stopped at the best possible time. Strolling through its narrow streets is discovering a heritage as old as the Roman Empire of which this city was part. And just a few meters away, Toulouse surprises you with facilities as modern and scientific as the factory where the famous Airbus planes are built. This is the first destination that we propose to visit Toulouse as a family.

1. Cité de l’Espace and the Airbus Factory

 Airbus A380, like the ones that are assembled in Toulouse

Toulouse is the French capital of aeronautics. For this reason, here you can find the Cité de l'Espace, a theme park dedicated entirely to space exploration. Here children can explore and discover such important pieces as the MIR station or the Ariane 5 rocket. They can even learn how to launch satellites! But the Cité de l'Espace is not the only reason to visit Toulouse. Nearby is the factory where Airbus manufactures the famous A380 aircrafts. But the aeronautical experience does not end here. Opposite the factory is Aeroscopia, a huge museum dedicated to the history of aviation with real machines that the little ones can observe and explore.

2. The views from the Galeries Lafayette​

The Galeries Lafayette are one of the favorite places of all who visit Toulouse. But before you go shopping or sit down for a snack, we suggest you go up to the top floor of the building. From there you can enjoy the beautiful views and understand why Toulouse is known as "the pink city". You will soon notice the tone of almost all constructions. This is because most of the buildings are built with wood and red brick. And those who are not, try to imitate that tone that was associated with high social status. If you visit Toulouse, do not forget to look at it from above.

3. Canal du Midi

 Canal du Midi, the navigable inland waterway of Toulouse

The Canal du Midi is not only the oldest functioning canal in Europe. It is also the perfect place to take a break in your Toulouse family visit. It is a channel that connects the river Garonne with the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by splendid nature. You can rest by the shore or you can also visit Toulouse by water. Here you can get on one of the river cruises and have a completely different view of this beautiful city.

4. African Safari Zoo in France

White lion, such as can be seen at the Zoological Parc African Safari

Very close to the city of Toulouse, in Plaisance du Touch, you can find one of the children's favorite activities, the African Safari Zoo. It is a zoological park that has a large area where animals of many different species live in semi-freedom. You can tour this area with your car and children can see real lions, giraffes, elephants, kangaroos, chimpanzees, rhinos, tigers, zebras, hippos and many more animals. It is a perfect opportunity to visit Toulouse and also get to know animal life in its most varied representations.
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5. Natural History Museum

You can not visit Toulouse and miss the Natural History Museum. This place charms small and​ old alike. Here children can see skeletons of giant animals, like elephants, in realistic positions, as if they were alive. They can also learn about Earth's history, its evolution and its future. Children's workshops and supervised children's activities are offered to complete the wonderful experience of learning about the world we live in.

What are you waiting for to visit Toulouse with your family? Not only are there lots of fun and educational things to do. You can also enjoy a fast and pleasant trip with the RENFE trains. Skip the queues and waits and search your train now. Enjoy the journey as much as you enjoy your family visit to Toulouse.


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