​​​​​​​If you are thinking of a plan for the perfect weekend, look no further. Visit Toulouse in only two days and discover all the charms of the pink city. Do not miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere that is only three hours away from Barcelona with the comfortable and fast trains of Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation. Relax and enjoy the pleasant journey by train, we have already planned your perfect weekend in Toulouse.

Day one in Toulouse

Ten centuries of history at a glance

Saint-Sernin Basilica in Toulouse

Start your perfect weekend in Toulouse with a visit you can’t miss: the Saint Sernin basilica. This temple is the oldest Romanesque building in Europe and the second largest in France. Do not hesitate to take your time to walk around the basilica and inside it. You will discover an infinity of details that will make you appreciate the value of the temple not only as a place of worship but as a unique architectural piece. Do not be in a hurry on this tour, and admire the almost thousand years of history that are discovered before you in this construction.

An artsy afternoon for the culture lovers

After soaking in history in the Basilica of Saint Sernin you can completely change the atmosphere and visit Les Abattoirs. This is the second stop of your perfect weekend in Toulouse. Les Abattoirs is a museum of modern and contemporary art that will surely surprise you. The building that houses the museum used to be the municipal slaughterhouse. But since 2000 it is a meeting place where locals and tourists enjoy art, presentations, exhibitions, concerts or talks. At the disposal of the visitors there is also a library, a cafeteria, meeting rooms and spaces to carry out different activities.

The best end for the day: traditional food outdoors

Do not forget to taste the delicious traditional recipes of Toulouse​

The first day of your perfect weekend in Toulouse cannot end up other than savoring the traditional recipes of this area. Do not hesitate to order the Foie Gras, the Cassoulet, or the Toulouse Sausage. In this area the recipes usually include succulent portions of meat, a variety of legumes and thick sauces that are as tasty as difficult to digest. So nothing better than enjoying these wonderful flavours outdoors. Toulouse is full of restaurants with terraces where food joins the sights to create a perfect experience of this French city.

Day two in Toulouse

Toulouse, the green

It is worth getting up early for the views of the Canal du Midi in the morning.​

To start the second day of your perfect weekend in Toulouse we recommend you to do some exercise. Toulouse is a city with many green areas that you can enjoy in a beautiful morning. Grab some croissants and takeaway coffee and take a long and quiet stroll through Toulouse. You can enjoy the Canal du Midi which divides the city into two parts. You can also marvel at the views of the River Garonne. And you cannot miss the fantastic Japanese Garden that is very close to the Capitol. In short, Toulouse is the place to relax body and mind in an unbeatable natural environment.

Toulouse, the pink

After discovering the green areas of Toulouse you can continue with the walk and leave the city. Even if the walk is a little longer, you'll know it's worth it right away. And if you leave Toulouse a little and turn around you will instantly discover why it is known as "the pink city". Take your time to admire this fantastic view and discover all the shades of pink that the beautiful city offers. It will be an image difficult to forget.

Musée des Augustins: the convent turned into museum

The perfect end to the perfect weekend in Toulouse is a visit to the Musée des Augustins. Having toured Toulouse in the present, you must see it in the past. And the perfect place to do it is the Augustinian convent converted into a museum. Unlike Les Abattoirs, which has been a museum for a little more than a decade, this convent became a museum during the French Revolution. Nowadays it offers a unique experience in which the visitor can feel like in the Middle Ages only by walking around its halls and admire the works of art displayed here. Without a doubt, the best end to the best weekend in Toulouse.

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