​​​Toulouse is about the same distance from the Mediterranean Sea than it is from the Atlantic Ocean. You need to travel over 200 kilometers (124 mi.) to either side to reach the coast. However, this is no impediment for the beach to arrive in the capital of the Occitanian region every summer. Toulouse Plages is, without a doubt, the most refreshing event in the summer – an even in which the peaceful Garonne River turns into the liveliest beach.

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While Toulouse is a well-rounded tourist destination during winter, it is even more so in summer. This is because you can enjoy all cultural, artistic and gastronomic proposals the so-called ‘pink city’ usually offers, and in addition, you can get refreshed when the heat is too suffocating!

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Take a stroll around the Place du Capitole, where the imposing Capitolium – the building it is named after – is erected, and admire the Basilica of Saint-Sernin. Get lost in the mansion-filled streets of the historical center until you reach the Garonne River, the location of the Toulouse Plages.

What to do in Toulouse Plages

Since mid-July until September, Toulouse transforms into a beach city like any other. Toulouse Plages offers a wide range of entertainment, sports and cultural activities for all audiences. The surroundings of the Garonne River become a true beach with loungers, beach parasols, and even nebulizers to get refreshed. ​

Map of the different spaces of Toulouse Plages​


It is a proposal that is loved by children and adults alike, since there are activities in store for everyone. There will be different areas for everyone to pick their preferred plan. A nautical area will be set up to participate in sports such as rowing or kayaking; as well as a beach area to have fun playing volley, football, rugby or tennis; a dancing area to spend some rhythm-filled time; another for Zen activities such as yoga or children relaxation, and many others.​ 

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​ ​

The meet of this summertime event can be found at Prairie des Filtres, a green area along the river bank between Pont-Neuf and Pont-Michel. It is the most beach like area of them all, with loungers, beach parasols and water streams to combat the high temperatures. It is also filled with entertaining activities during most of the day.

​Other interesting spots are Port Viguerie and Edf Bazacle. The former will also have hammocks installed at a coquettish flower garden. This location also has a large Ferris wheel to enjoy views of the city both day and night. For its part, Edf Bazacle is the perfect spot to enjoy a good book.

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