​After winter, we all want to go out, to walk around on country lanes or in the streets of a beautiful town to make urban tourism. Wearing light clothes to enjoy the sunshine is another pleasure which goes with the spring and the summer. There is a perfect place to do that: Toulouse! There you will enjoy wonderful scenery to go shopping and find the best offers and goods: clothes, accessories, jewelry… let’s go there with our High Speed Trains Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation and buy a new wardrobe!

Les Galeries Lafayette. Located 4 Lapeyrouse street, this place is all an institution. Indeed, the first Galerie Lafayette store opened in Paris in 1895 and now you can find many in different cities of France, including Toulouse. There you can find many famous brands and almost everything for men, women and kids so take your time to browse the different floors to find clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup… When you are there, don’t forget to check out their roof terrace, a perfect place to have a rest or for lunch!


Enjoy the most fashionable shops in Toulouse

Louis Vuitton. No need to go to Paris to get your new favorite handbag or other accessories. Let’s go to the 39 of the Croix Baragnon street in the Saint Etienne neighborhood. If you can afford it, let’s fall for a new handbag, a silk scarf, sunglasses, new summer shoes or the Louis Vuitton fragrances!

Hermès, located, 22 rue des arts, is another famous brand you can find in Toulouse. Quite expensive, Hermes proposes many kinds of goods, including the very famous “carré Hermès” foulard… a perfect gift for all the fashion lovers!

Ma jolie robe. Located 7, Rémusat street, this shop, proposes a wide choice of dresses, skirts, scarves, blouses so you can find the cloth you were looking for, in a british, casual, chic bohemian style…

Groucho, 39 Peyrolières street, is a unique shop you will love if you like vintage clothing. Groucho proposes old stock clothing covering all of the 20th century and even a few things from the end of the 19th century for men and women. They have a wide selection of affordable accessories, including hats, sunglasses, cigarette holders, handbags and shoes.


Toulouse is the perfect city that combines cultural tourism and shopping

Le vestibule. Located 49 rue du Taur, Le vestibule is a shop which proposes used and vintage clothes in the city center. You can find there many kinds of clothes, from top of the range products to more classical and affordable goods. Let’s have a look!

La Mucca, located 23 rue des lois, is a perfect place to find gifts for your friends and/or your family. Indeed you can find there many kinds of goods like adorable notebooks, funny pens, unusual items, original postcards… You must go there!

Böw, located 33 rue des couteliers, is a creator’s shop. There you will find wonderful handbags, purses, vintage furniture, accessories… It’s interesting to go there to see all the goods coming from the artist’s imagination in the workshop at the bottom of the boutique.

After your stay in Toulouse, the best way to go back home with all the good deals you got, is comfortably installed on board our trains Renfe-SNCF where you can rest observing the beautiful views from your seat.

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