​​Since the last decades, trains have been evolving constantly and nowadays they continue being one of the most popular transports as they are very comfortable and transmit a very special feeling of nostalgia.

During a trip in our Renfe-SN​CF in Cooperation high-speed trains, you can sit conformably and enjoy the landscapes through the window while you are arriving to your destination. 

Another option is to watch a movie, and if this movie occurs in a train, it is even better. We give you here 5 proposals:


Polar Express (2004)

Promotional image of the film

The ‘Polar Express' is a film about a magical train. The story takes place during a heavy snowfall at Christmas, when a mysterious train that is heading to the North Pole stops in front of an 8-year-old boy's house. The kid is about to stop believing in magic and the existence of Santa Claus, but then he goes on board of this train and starts a journey full of adventures. In this animated film, Tom Hanks gives life to a singular engineer.

Murder in the Orient Express (1974)

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This film is based on the novel of Agatha Christie and introduces us to the legendary Orient Express. On board is the Belgian detective Hercules Poirot, who suddenly is involved in the investigation of a murder in one of the wagons. What has started as a peaceful train ride, becomes a treacherous journey and all the passengers look suspicious.

Before Sunrise (1995)

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A French student and a young North American boy are travelling in a train with destination to Paris. During the trip they meet and talk. When they arrive to Vienna, the student must disembark, and the American proposes to her to come and spend the night together. It is only for a few hours, but these hours are full of dialogues about life, the future and other profound themes, while they walk in the light of the stars through the streets of the Austrian capital.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

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It is a dramatic family comedy, featuring three brothers who are barely related. However, because of their father's death, they will reunite again after a long time without seeing each other. To forge closer ties, they decide to travel by train through the Darjeeling Limited, the railway line that crosses India. It will not be an easy route and it will be full of unexpected events.

Transsiberian (2008)

Promotional image of the film

The murder of a drug trafficker is the principal story of this thriller that takes place in the Transsiberian. Roy and Jessie are on board of this 7-day train trip from Beijing to Moscow. They will soon meet their roommates, a strange couple. A quiet journey through the Siberian steppe will turn into a real nightmare for the protagonists, trapped in the dark world of drug trafficking.​

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