​​The Renfe-SNCF trains take you to over 20 different destinations. It's always nice to know how to get to your accommodation, what restaurants are nearby or how the weather will be on the next day so you can make the best out of your trip and discover the city.

A few years ago, being prepared to travel needed an extra effort to avoid leaving important things in the luggage: clothing, pocket map, larger map, the travel guide, contact numbers ... and when you reached the destination, sadly discovered that you left some important things  home. Today, clothing is still necessary to travel (or almost always) but everything else we have it in just one place: the Smartphone. The number of mobile apps designed for traveling, and get to destinations is about the same number as people moving around the world ... every day dozens of new apps are released. And today we are going to recommend the most practical and easy apps to use for when you're traveling.

Google Maps

Google Maps App

Allows you to calculate distances and time to destination during your trips. One of it's main perks is that you can use it even without internet connection, so you can save money by sparing the roaming system.

Google Translate

Google Transalte App

A few years ago, World Lens was released, this application could translate to your language everything that could be seen on the street, thanks to the mobile camera. It was such a success that Google bought it and adapted it´s language translator with this technology. Today, you can download offline dictionaries in different languages, and translate in real-time street signs, menus, billboards or anything just by aiming the camera of your smartphone.

Rain Alarm

Rain Alarm App

It's one of the essential applications if you are planning outdoor activities. It´s a rain radar, so simple and functional. Alerts in real-time about rain and drizzle near your position and also the distance that you are to the rainfall and the intensity.


Wefi App

A perfect application if you travel without data network on your smartphone. This app seeks for all free wireless networks around you, and connects automatically.

Around Me

Around Me App

This application is very easy to use. It has a navigation bar on the side with plenty of places so that they can found. From restaurants and bars, to ATMs, movie theaters, gas stations, supermarkets and whatever you may need.

We know that there are thousands of applications more, and we all have our favorites, so we promise to post more articles with even more applications, and who knows maybe our own application!​


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