Visiting Spain under the blue sky is a real pleasure but the heat can also sometimes make us suffer. To make this pain a real pleasure, there is nothing like succumbing to temptation and enjoying a good ice cream! Next, we recommend some establishments so that refreshing breaks become pure moments of gustatory happiness! To take advantage of this, the first thing to do is to book your Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation train tickets now, so don't wait any longer!

A gourmet break in the capital...

To enjoy an ice cream in Madrid's oldest ice cream shop, go to Arcipreste de Hita Street, nº 6, at Los Alpes. The establishment offers you tasty ice creams whose recipe has been handed down from generation to generation since the grandfather of the current owner, of Italian origins, founded his store. You will be won over by all its flavors!

At Mama Elba, you'll find delicious homemade ice cream - photos from their Facebook page.

Mamá Elba, located at 29 Cea Bermúdez Street or 15 Ruda Street, offers more than 50 different flavours for its ice creams, all made in a traditional way... The welcome is also very warm.

La Romana has three establishments - San Bernardo Street, 96, Paseo de la Habana 27 and Rosario Pino Street 6 – and offers a wide range of artisanal ice creams that you can accompany with delicious pastries. If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love it!

Ice cream in Barcelona...

To enjoy a good homemade ice cream and/or a delicious horchata – an orgeat drink – go to Sirvent, in the Sant Antoni district, Parlament Street, nº 56. Be prepared to wait a little while as the locals know the address well and often go there!

Be aware that an identical establishment is open in Tarragona – Rambla Vella, nº 27 – so that you can also enjoy a good ice cream in this magnificent city between two visits!

Ice cream of all tastes and flavors in Gelaaati di Marco - photos from his Facebook page.

In the Gràcia district, you can enjoy delicious organic ice cream! Bodevici – located at 21 Torrijos Street - offers ice cream and ice cream with organic fruit. There is no reason not to please your taste buds!

To taste one of the best Italian ice creams in the city, made with natural ingredients, without colorings or preservatives, discover Gelaaati di Marco, in the Gothic quarter, rue Llibreteria, nº 7. This gourmet break will be a real moment of happiness!

Cooling off in Zaragoza...

For a refreshing break in one of the city's best restaurants, taste Amorino's ice cream! Located in Paseo de Independencia, the establishment offers homemade ice creams and ice creams that will surely seduce you.

In Heladería Tortosa you will find all kinds of original and curious recipes - photos from their Facebook page.

If you are looking for originality, Heladería Tortosa - Don Jaime I Street, nº 35 - offers you ice creams with completely unexpected flavors such as French toast or donut... If you are more classic, you will also find the most common flavors, which will not disappoint you.

After a perfect stay to relax and enjoy summer, extend your enjoyment by sitting comfortably on board our Renfe-SNCF in Cooperation High Speed Trains and let us guide you, we will take you home in the safest way possible.

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